aroTHERM 5, 8, 11 and 15 kW

The most compact heating and acclimatization renewable system

  • Power output of 5, 8 kW (single phase), 11 and 15 kW (tri phase)
  • Reversible system for heating, dhw generation and also active cooling
  • system consisting of a heat pump to be installed outdoors and a hydraulic unit indoor, ideal for the efficient enlargement of an existing heating system to become a hybrid system,
  • fast installation through pre-installed hydraulic unit, complete system with fan coils for heating and active cooling
  • Intuitive control and efficient hybrid management with multiMATIC 700



Why aroTHERM?

aroTHERM is the perfect solution as a renewable system for heating, dhw and also cooling. Either for new dwellings as well as for existing ones, aroTHERM air-water heat pump can provide fairly low cost space heating and also provide up to four times as much heat as an electric heater using the same energy. Produced with high quality materials in Vaillant plants in Europe, it’s easy to install and operate, has a modern and attractive design and just needs one control to manage the entire system.

Hybrid systems with any other heating appliance

The aroTHERM can be used as independent heat generator, but can also be integrated in an existing heating system, like extending any other heating system to become a hybrid system. Whether gas or oil heating system: Combinations are possible with any other heating generator. The control is taken over by the intuitive operating multiMATIC 700 with integrated hybrid management. By the use of the triVAI parameter the customer will profit automatically from highest efficiency, lowest costs and greatest protection of the environment.

Advanced hybrid management system

The Hybrid system automatically monitors, calculates and selects whether it is more cost effective for heating to be provided by the boiler or the heat pump. The system calculates the respective efficiencies based on your outdoor temperatures, your heating requirement, and your specific energy tariffs, which are pre-programmed into the multiMATIC 700, and then it automatically switches between the two sources as required.



Energy efficiency per power category central heating function ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A+++ to D)
flow temperature 55°
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A+++ to D)
flow temperature 55°
5kW A+A++
8kW A++A+++
11kW A+A+
15kW A++A++

ErP efficiency rating for domestic hot water (A+ to F)