multiMATIC VRC 700

Weather-compensating, modulating system controller

  • large digital display with daily-weekly programming
  • control of one or more heating circuits
  • various types of systems can be controlled including e.g. heat pump, storages, solar systems, air conditioning, ventilation or cascades – with one device
  • energy-saving thanks to the optimization of the integrated intelligent control of the various systems
  • possibility of internet communication by app and remote access for installers for intuitive access and convenient control of heating system


Select the appropriate controller for your heating system.

The choice is yours when you select the type of control for your heating system, DHW or air conditioning. The more sophisticated the controller is, the more flexible and efficient will be your heating system.

Management and control of several concurrent heating systems.

The multiMATIC 700 is an innovative controller that allows control and management of Vaillant systems, helping to provide greater comfort to users.

Smart control

It offers advantages over previous controllers, allowing the intelligent and simultaneous management of heating systems (heat pumps, boilers or solar systems) according to the needs of heating and domestic hot water. And since the management is done in a smart way, it always ensures the choice of the most efficient available energy source.


The multiMATIC 700 incorporates an outdoor temperature sensor that allows vastly reducing thermal cycling of the heating systems, thus reducing consumption and natural wear of the equipment, and increasing its service life.

Flexible and intuitive

Flexible enough, the multiMATIC combined with the VR900 communication module allows the equipment to be remotely controlled via the internet or its APP (available for iOS or Android), thus providing the possibility to monitor consumption and display solar gain, such as rapid fault diagnosis.

Ease of use thanks to an intuitive configuration provides simple and fast startup and parameterization.