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Building new houses ecologically compatible with cogeneration or heat pumps

Sustainable and economical: heating systems for multi-family houses

High demands, great opportunities

Builders of multi-family houses often have different requirements for heating and hot water systems than the tenants who subsequently move in. Along with low costs and optimum heating, hot water and operating comfort, building owners seek a solution that offers ease of installation and long-term economy.

Due to ambitious national climate targets, new multi-family house construction in Germany is subject to strict energy regulations. While legal provisions such as the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) pose considerable planning challenges, they also open up opportunities — including attractive funding programmes and investment grants from the German KfW and BAFA for the application of renewable energies and the corresponding energy standards.

These conditions give rise to the question of what solution best combines high cost-effectiveness with individually tailored living comfort and state funding.

Central solutions: more possibilities, lower costs

Compared to self-contained solutions, central heating systems are the better choice in a number of respects. The necessary investment outlays and, especially, maintenance costs are frequently lower. Thanks to excellent insulation, heat loss en route to the dwelling is no longer an issue. With the central placement of the system in the building, there is no loss of space in the home and no disturbance from operating noise.

With cogeneration or heat pumps, central heating systems fulfil the criteria for BAFA and KfW funding in Germany. For water heating, too, there are central solutions that don’t mean a compromise in individual comfort. Controlled living space ventilation ensures high air quality even in houses with tightly insulated building envelopes, thus preserving the value of the property. For the planning of a central solution, it is key that all system components work together perfectly.

Everything from a single source: for satisfied customers

As a full-system provider, we have a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and sustainable products and can therefore offer individually tailored solutions for multi-family houses. Our combined heat and power plants and heat pumps can be used anywhere and, in combination with our multifunction cylinders, deliver comfortable hot water comfort. Our ventilation systems guarantee demand-actuated air exchange. Intelligent control technology additionally opens up convenient diagnostic and maintenance possibilities to you.

Service in all project phases

We are also there for you with comprehensive services, of course. With our planning tools, you can lay out heating systems quickly and reliably, and our monitoring and maintenance solutions provide you with support especially in long-term projects. Our remote diagnostic portal profiDIALOG notifies you automatically of any abnormality and, through online analysis and optimisation, saves you unnecessary site visits. In this way, the ongoing operation of the system remains as economical as you planned it to be.

An investment fit for the future: cogeneration and environmental heat

Long-term efficiency: ecoPOWER and ecoCRAFT

When the objective is to produce not just heat but also electricity, cogeneration is an excellent solution. Our ecoPOWER 20.0 automatically adjusts its output to the current heat and power demands, thus ensuring a high share of self-generated electricity in the house’s overall consumption. The plant comes with its own control system and a VPN communication unit for remote parameter-setting and diagnosis. We additionally offer you a tailor-made maintenance agreement with a term of up to ten years.

High reserve capacity with a small footprint: for peakload times, we recommend the gas condensing boiler ecoCRAFT exclusive, which operates highly economically even in the lower output range. Alternatively, you can select a wall-mounted cascade system of gas condensing boilers, for example the ecoTEC plus.

Central water heating has the advantage of using the generated heat twice. Our allSTOR exclusive multifunction cylinder offers excellent heat insulation and storage capacity for all hot water needs. The aguaFLOW exclusive pure water station can be mounted directly to the cylinder. For greater demand, there is also the option of a cascading wall-mounted system.

Fresh air, all the time: recoVAIR VAR 150

With a controlled living space ventilation system, you can ensure the necessary fresh air supply even in houses with a tightly insulated building envelope, thereby contributing to the preservation of the building’s value. Our recoVAIR VAR 150 central home ventilation system is made for space-saving ceiling installation and operates using heat recovery. The comprehensive air duct fittings give you a high degree of flexibility in installation.

Environmental heat in cascade: flexoTHERM exclusive

Our flexoTHERM exclusive ground source heat pump works particularly economically: around 75% of the necessary heat energy is sourced from the environment (ground). Depending on the heating demand, up to seven units can be activated in cascade. The multiMATIC 700 system controller guarantees optimal regulation of the heat pump. The flexoTHERM exclusive has been awarded the Green iQ label for its combination of environmentally friendly efficiency and intelligent interconnection.

We also recommend the allSTOR exclusive buffer tank for water heating, in combination with transfer stations in each residential unit. And the VR 920 internet communication module even enables you to remotely monitor the system and adjust its settings using profiDIALOG.

Real added value: attractive incentive programmes

The state seeks to promote the spread of sustainable technologies in the heating sector by means of investment incentives. Accordingly, BAFA offers an investment grant of 3,500 euros for the ecoPOWER 20.0, plus 875 euros for the condensing flue gas heat exchanger, integrated as standard. With a ground source heat pump, you secure for your customers at least 4,000 euros of funding from the market incentive programme. For both system solutions, depending on the German KfW Efficiency House standard, the KfW also provides grants and loans.

Important for CHP and heat pump solutions

  • Simply meet German EnEV requirements
  • More living space due to central installation
  • No noise pollution in the home
  • Eligible for KfW and BAFA funding in Germany

Efficient overall solutions with high-performance individual components

Gas condensing boiler: ecoCRAFT exclusiv

Depending on heating needs, the gas condensing boiler ecoCRAFT exclusiv delivers between 80 and 280 kW output. As a peak-load boiler, it is the ideal complement to the ecoPOWER 20.0, because it constantly adjusts its output to the current heating demand.

  • 80, 120, 160, 200, 240, 280 kW output
  • High-efficiency gas condensing boiler
  • Modulation 1 : 5
  • Up to 720 kW possible in cascade

Mini CHP plant: ecoPOWER 20.0

With adjustable electrical output with a range from 10 to 20 kW, the ecoPOWER 20.0 meets a large part of the power and hot water demand in multi-family houses. The maintenance intervals are long and the pay-off period is short: depending on layout and electricity demand, it can give a return on investment as early as the fourth year of operation.

  • Modulation 10—20 kWel / 29—44 kWth
  • 31% electrical efficiency
  • Overall efficiency > 102%
  • Internet-based remote communication
  • Energy efficiency class: A++

Ground source heat pump: flexoTHERM exclusive

The flexoTHERM exclusive, actually a ground source heat pump, can be quickly refitted thanks to an intelligent system concept. Like all Green iQ products, its optimal efficiency and smart interconnection set it apart.

  • 5, 8, 11, 15, 19 kW output
  • Uniquely flexible: air, ground and water
  • 10-year compressor material warranty
  • Especially quiet thanks to SoundSafeSystem
  • Energy efficiency class: A++

System controller: multiMATIC 700

With the multiMATIC 700 system controller, the entire heat pump system can be conveniently regulated. It is also the perfect complementary solution for the controlled recoVAIR living space ventilation system.

  • Weather compensator
  • Cascade management
  • Environmental yield and electricity consumption indicator
  • Timer programme for circulation cycle

Central ventilation system: recoVAIR VAR 150

As a space-saving ceiling-mounted unit, the central ventilation system recoVAIR VAR 150 with pollen filter, integrated humidity sensor and intelligent energy-saving functions guarantees optimal living comfort.

  • Up to 150 m3 air flow / hour
  • Space-saving unit, flexible installation
  • Integrated humidity sensor
  • Can be connected with CO2 sensors
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Multifunction cylinder: allSTOR exclusiv

The hot water cylinder allSTOR exclusiv works perfectly with all Vaillant heat-generating appliances. By having three tanks in cascade, up to 6,000 litres of hot water can be stored.

  • Multifunction cylinders from 300 to 2,000 litres
  • Cascade of up to 6,000 litres with 3 cylinders
  • Stratified buffer principle
  • High-efficiency heat insulation
  • Energy efficiency class: B

Extended service: monitoring and maintenance

Especially in the case of our CHPs, we are there for you, from preparing the tender to putting the system in permanent operation. Comprehensive monitoring ensures that everything runs according to plan. Of course, we also offer the most appropriate service agreements — right through to ten-year full-maintenance contracts.

  • Economic efficiency prognosis using planSOFT
  • Personal Vaillant CHP project consultant
  • System check by Vaillant customer service
  • Technical instruction of operator
  • Service and maintenance contracts

Added service: profiDIALOG

With our web-based remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG, you can monitor your customers’ heating systems from afar — and react quickly as needed.

  • System analysis, diagnosis and parameter-setting
  • Live monitor for instant analysis
  • Remote maintenance options

Internet communication module: VR 920

The VR 920 allows the integration of the profiDIALOG remote diagnostics portal — as well as the online monitoring of system safety.

  • Remote diagnosis with profiDIALOG
  • Integrated LAN and wi-fi interface

Heating homes today with the technology of tomorrow: Vaillant Green iQ

Vaillant develops heating systems that promote the convenient use of renewable energy sources. The Ecodesign Directive ErP, which became binding in September 2015, defines the minimum requirements for energy-relevant products. It informs consumers about the efficiency of products and systems through the energy efficiency label. As a pioneer in energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology, Vaillant goes even further.. We use the Vaillant Green iQ label to designate products which not only use very little energy but are also intelligently networked – such as the ecoTEC exclusive and the auroSTOR exclusive. This means that you can plan and develop an individual heating system for your clients, which already meets the requirements of the future.

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