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Sustainability made easy: heat pump solutions for new buildings

Using environmental heat efficiently with intelligent heat pump solutions

Environmental heat: advantages all around

When building new homes, the goal is always to find a heating and hot water solution that fulfils today’s strict requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) as easily as possible. In single-family houses, this can be done fastest and most simply by means of a heat pump system. Building contractors and clients alike are increasingly looking for an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating system that also offers a high degree of living comfort.

By using freely available environmental heat, heat pump solutions are especially environmentally friendly. When powered by energy from regenerative sources, they are even CO2-neutral. Their high efficiency at low flow temperatures allows a significant reduction in primary energy consumption and emissions. Even greater savings are possible in combination with a photovoltaic system and intelligent control technology.

Well-planned heat pump solutions also make for a secure investment, as they have long life cycles and require little maintenance. Since environmental energy is available at no cost, heat pumps afford the user greater independence from gas and oil market fluctuations. Their eligibility for public grants (Germany: BAFA and KfW) makes them yet more attractive.

Good partnership: where a perfect solution begins

Air, ground or water? Which heat pump system is best for a single-family house depends on many factors. It is not just the size of the house and the budget that play a role, but also the location and size of the property. With our products and planning tools, we can assist you in finding the perfect solution, taking all of these aspects into account.

Your basis: excellent technology

At Vaillant you will find everything you need for the planning and realisation of a heat pump solution. We offer you a broad range of heat pump technology — including hybrid systems in combination with state-of-the-art gas condensing technology.

Comprehensive solutions for self-generated power are part of this spectrum, as are intelligent control technology and smart interconnection. Our ventilation systems ensure consistently good air quality even in houses with tightly insulated building envelopes, thereby Preserving the value of the property. We additionally provide all-round support for the entire life cycle of your project — from the planning and start-up phases to ongoing maintenance.

Your added value: tailor-made services

With our customer-oriented planning tool, planSOFT, you can conveniently lay out your own heat pump system and calculate its energy efficiency. Once the solution has been implemented, we will help you on request at the initial system start-up. And with our warranty, you can offer your customers powerful arguments for a long-term maintenance contract: enhanced safety and an extended product warranty.

Sustainable comfort for every requirement

Flexible use of environmental heat: flexoTHERM exclusive, uniSTOR exclusive and auroPOWER

The ground source heat pump flexoTHERM exclusive wins customers over with its highly efficient and pleasantly quiet operation. Because it is based on an innovative concept, it can be flexibly expanded: into an air source heat pump by means of the air collector aroCOLLECT, and, with the groundwater collector fluoCOLLECT, into a water source heat pump.

The PV system generates part of the electricity necessary for operation using the new auroPOWER photovoltaic modules. Excess self-generated power is saved in the eloPACK battery storage device for utilisation during lower-yield periods. For water heating, choose the uniSTOR exclusive VIH RW, with up to 500 litres storage capacity and efficiency class A.

Flexibility in its most compact form: flexoCOMPACT

The flexoCOMPACT gives your customers the same flexibility in the choice of environmental energy — along with high hot water comfort using a minimum of space: it comes with an integrated 185-litre stainless steel storage cylinder. Both heat pumps bear the Green iQ label for their combination of sustainability and intelligent interconnection options.

Peak performance for low-energy houses: geoTHERM 3 kW

For low-energy and passive houses in particular, the compact, wall-mounted ground source heat pump geoTHERM 3 kW is the top choice. In combination with the space-saving hydraulic tower uniTOWER, this smallest model in the Vaillant range provides perfectly fitted heating and hot water comfort.

Important for heat pump solutions in new buildings

  • Environmentally friendly, efficient heat pump systems
  • High flexibility in the choice of environmental heat
  • Higher efficiency through the use of photovoltaic energy
  • Eligible for KfW and BAFA funding

Low-cost heat from the air: aroTHERM and uniTOWER

Simple outdoor installation, low power consumption and an active cooling function for summer: the air source heat pump aroTHERM delivers all-round comfort for the single-family house at a strikingly low price. You can additionally save considerable space in the cellar with the compact interior unit: a 190-litre storage cylinder and the components needed for heating operation are already integrated in the hydraulic tower uniTOWER.

Energy efficiency, intelligently regulated: multiMATIC 700 and VR 920

As variable as the configuration of a Vaillant heat pump system may be, controlling the system is child’s play. It is handled by the multiMATIC 700 system controller, which, for example, enables the automatic regulation of switching times on the basis of energy balance calculations. When used in conjunction with the flexoTHERM exclusive or the flexoCOMPACT exclusive, energy efficiency classes A++ to A+++ can easily be achieved. Thanks to the internet communication module VR 920, all of the important settings can also be made via app while on the go.

Fresh air, with ease: recoVAIR

Because regulations for new construction are leading to ever-more-tightly insulated building envelopes, a ventilation concept is required by law in new buildings. Our central ventilation system recoVAIR gives you full freedom in planning and layout, thanks to its comprehensive air duct system. The result: controlled air quality, for greater living comfort and the maintenance of the condition of your property.

Efficient overall solutions with high-performance individual components

Air source heat pump with hydraulic tower: aroTHERM and uniTOWER

The air source heat pump aroTHERM works in combination with the hydraulic tower uniTOWER to provide cost-effective comprehensive comfort. Its modulating compressor automatically adjusts output to the current building heating load.

  • 5, 8, 11, 15 kW output
  • Economical exterior installation
  • No ‘cold certificate’ (Kälteschein) necessary
  • Energy efficiency class: heating from A+ to A++ / hot water A

Heat pump: flexoCOMPACT exclusive

With the flexoCOMPACT exclusive, the name says it all: it offers full flexibility in the choice of heat source as well as integrated water heating using a minimum of space.

  • 5, 8, 11 kW output
  • Integrated stainless steel storage cylinder
  • Low floor-space requirement at 0.6 m2 installation surface
  • Awarded the Green iQ label
  • Energy efficiency class: heating A++ / hot water A

Storage cylinder: uniSTOR exclusive

The new uniSTOR exclusive VIH RW ensures maximum hot water comfort in single-family houses. The high quality removable vacuum insulation cover reduces standby energy loss to a minimum.

  • 300, 400, 500 litre capacity
  • Integrated external power supply anode
  • Awarded the Green iQ label
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Heat pump: flexoTHERM exclusive

The heat pump flexoTHERM exclusive uses the environmental heat of the earth, the air and the water especially efficiently. For its combination of sustainable technology and intelligent interconnection, it was awarded our Green iQ label.

  • 5, 8, 11, 15, 19 kW output
  • 10-year compressor material warranty
  • Especially quiet thanks to SoundSafeSystem
  • Energy efficiency class: A++

System controller: multiMATIC 700

Heat pump, ventilation system or hot water cylinder: the weather compensator can control all of the components.

  • Also in wireless version
  • Modularly expandable, VR 70 or VR 71
  • Free multiMATIC app with VR 920
  • Intuitive start-up assistant

Central ventilation system: recoVAIR

The living space central ventilation system recoVAIR guarantees maximum living comfort with its pollen filter, humidity sensor, intelligent energy saving functions and modulating bypass.

  • 260, 360 m3 air flow / hour
  • Up to 98% heat recovery
  • Air duct system for all requirements
  • Enthalpy heat exchanger optional
  • Energy efficiency class: heating A

Ground source heat pump: geoTHERM 3 kW

The new ground source heat pump geoTHERM with 3 kW output is ideally suited to houses with low heating requirements and normal water demand.

  • 3 kW heat output
  • Integrated passive cooling function
  • Very quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency class: heating A++

Battery storage device: eloPACK

The battery storage device eloPACK enables the storage of self-generated power for lower-generation periods: extra independence from fluctuating energy prices.

  • Expandable storage capacity, 2–12 kW
  • Decentralised power storage
  • German KfW Efficiency House standard 40 Plus possible

Photovoltaic module: auroPOWER

With rated outputs of 260, 295 and 300 Wp, the photovoltaic modules auroPOWER VPV P deliver high yields even in indirect sunlight. They additionally offer high longevity and a design that can be harmoniously integrated into any roof structure.

  • 3 product lines
  • Attractive design with VPV P 295
  • Maximal efficiency with VPV P 300
  • Best cost-benefit ratio with VPV P 260

Internet communication module: VR 920

Thanks to the VR 920, your customers can conveniently control the entire system via the multiMATIC app from their sofa or while on the go. Your advantage: you can integrate the remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG

  • Heating control by app
  • Remote system maintenance and diagnosis

Software: planSOFT

The planSOFT program now also supports you online in the standardised layout and calculation of Vaillant heat pumps and ventilation systems. Additionally, it quickly and reliably generates the ErP label for products and systems.

  • Determination of suitable heat pump systems on the basis of climate data
  • Parallel calculation of output for water heating in accordance with DIN EN 15450
  • Distance calculation for compliance with noise level regulations for residential areas in accordance with Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement
  • Certification of ventilation concept in accordance with DIN 1946-6


The quality of your work and the attractive service packages you offer are the basis for your long-term customer relationships. With our warranty, your customers benefit from an extended service agreement — and from your close cooperation with the Vaillant factory customer service.

  1. Individually and energy-efficiently adjusted system
  2. Trust-based relationship: close cooperation with Vaillant factory customer service
  3. Highest safety and reliable product quality
  4. Ease of use thanks to service record and service ID
  5. product warranty

Heating homes today with the technology of tomorrow: Vaillant Green iQ

Vaillant develops heating systems that promote the convenient use of renewable energy sources. The Ecodesign Directive ErP, which became binding in September 2015, defines the minimum requirements for energy-relevant products. It informs consumers about the efficiency of products and systems through the energy efficiency label. As a pioneer in energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology, Vaillant goes even further.. We use the Vaillant Green iQ label to designate products which not only use very little energy but are also intelligently networked – such as the ecoTEC exclusive and the auroSTOR exclusive. This means that you can plan and develop an individual heating system for your clients, which already meets the requirements of the future.

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