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A central or decentralised solution: the core question in any modernisation project

A lot to consider: decentralised heating solutions

The vast majority of multi-family houses in Germany are still equipped with single-storey gas heating systems. Many of these rely on old conventional boilers which at some point have to be replaced. When the building owner decides to undertake such a modernisation, there are a number of questions to be considered.

The simplest solution would seem to be to install a new boiler. Since the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive (ErP), however, such a direct replacement is permitted only in exceptional cases. Therefore, the chosen solution is usually to change to efficient gas condensing technology and, with that, to a new flue gas system.

A lot to decide: central heating solutions

When planning a modernisation project, many owners also weigh the option of a central heating solution in the basement. The initial question in this case: is it best to stick with gas, or is a heat pump worthwhile? This is closely followed by the next, independent, decision as to what kind of hot water system to use. In the context of more extensive modernisation measures, a central solution may be the best choice here as well.

Central or decentralised? Gas or environmental heat? Conventional or gas condensing technology? In all these questions, your customers benefit from your individual consultation and from Vaillant’s quality products.

All the options: with one partner

No matter how ambitious your modernisation project is, we provide you with all the necessary components and the corresponding know-how. We offer you a comprehensive range of conventional boilers as well as efficient gas condensing models. And if your customer wants to heat more sustainably, no problem: our heat pumps utilise free heat from the environment which is especially economical and uses resources efficiently.

For water heating we also give you various options, from instantaneous water heaters for the bathroom to solar systems for the whole house. After modernisation for energy efficiency, our easy-to-install ventilation systems preserve the value of the property, while our intelligent control systems ensure the desired comfort in every residential unit. We additionally support you with competent services in all aspects of your modernisation project.

Service for pros, service with added value

We have years of experience with drain-back solar systems and are happy to assist you in laying out and planning your installation. A solar thermal system can be dimensioned quickly using the simulation software Polysun. For configuring cascade systems, our planning tool planSOFT provides you with valuable help. And our remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG can save you substantial time.

From decentralised replacement units to an all-in-one central solution

Simple trade: atmoTEC exclusive

Since September 2015, in multi-family houses with conventional boiler technology and a central flue gas system, replacing old gas boilers usually means switching to condensing technology. There are exceptions, however. When a single chimney handles the flue gas from multiple boilers, direct individual replacement is permitted for single conventional boilers with up to 10 kW output and mixed units with up to 30 kW output, but only if they aren’t fan-supported.

Where these conditions are fulfilled, our economically priced, wall-mounted atmoTEC exclusive is the ideal solution. With its eBUS interface, this modern conventional gas boiler is well-equipped for the future. Its new connection system guarantees simple, fast and clean installation.

More efficiency in the home: ecoTEC plus

Cases where the exception provision doesn’t apply call for a change of system. Here, the first choice is the efficient, economical gas condensing solution ecoTEC plus. With its energy-saving, high-efficiency pump and around 15% lower heating costs compared to conventional boilers, it delivers high output for a low price. We also offer the fitting exhaust system solutions — for up to seven residential units.

Simple control: calorMATIC 350 and eRELAX

For control convenience, we recommend the room thermostat calorMATIC 350, our entry-level eBUS-equipped model, which regulates the temperature using simple time programmes. The wireless weather compensator eRELAX offers considerably more options. It uses current digital weather data, making the installation of an outdoor sensor unnecessary. With the free eRELAX app, the heating system allows convenient remote control.

Solving it all centrally: ecoTEC plus, auroTHERM and allSTOR plus

Where the owner opts for gas-fired heating, the ecoTEC plus in a cascade system offers the advantages of space-saving installation and high operating safety. If water is to be heated centrally as well, allSTOR plus is the optimal solution, as the number and size of ist multifunction cylinders can be chosen based on need. In combination with the cascadable wall-mounted pure water station aguaFLOW exclusive, hot water comfort is guaranteed.

Where greater sustainability is desired, solar heating can be integrated without difficulty. The auroTHERM classic flat plate collectors allow large collector surfaces and are specially designed for drain-back solar systems. Their stagnation-free operation ensures optimal use of the sun’s energy — a particular advantage in the case of highly fluctuating hot water demand.

Efficient overall solutions with high-performance individual components

Gas condensing boiler: ecoTEC plus VCW

The mixed unit ecoTEC plus VCW requires only 0.32 m2 of space, is easy to install and reliably supplies homes with heat and hot water.

  • 20, 26 kW output
  • Gas condensing technology for single-storey use
  • Adaptive partial load, modulation 1 : 5
  • Fittings for flexible installation
  • Energy efficiency class: heating A / hot water A

Gas condensing boiler: ecoTEC plus VC

Efficient, long-lasting, reliable: a central heating solution using the cascadable gas condensing boiler ecoTEC plus VC is a safe investment. Solar thermal expansion is possible without difficulty.

  • 14, 20, 26, 31 kW output
  • Cascadable with up to 5 boilers
  • Adaptive partial load, modulation 1 : 5
  • Electronic gas-air mixture
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Conventional gas boiler: atmoTEC exclusive

Thanks to its state-of-the-art heating technology, the open-flue mixed unit atmoTEC VCW is the ideal choice for a direct replacement.

  • 20, 24 kW output
  • Easily replaces existing systems
  • Integrates high hot water comfort
  • Energy efficiency class: heating C / hot water B

Decentralised living space ventilation: recoVAIR VAR 60

The decentralised ventilation recoVAIR VAR 60 doesn’t require air duct fittings and is therefore especially suited to modernisation projects.

  • 60 m3 air flow per hour
  • Integrated humidity and light sensors
  • Regenerative ceramic heat accumulator
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Flat plate collectors: auroTHERM classic

The flat plate collectors auroTHERM classic for drainback solar systems deliver top solar output for every hour of sunshine: the laser-welded serpentine absorber transfers the collected heat with almost no loss.

  • Drain-back flat plate collector
  • Anti-reflective glass, 96% transmission
  • Max. solar yield through stagnation-free operation
  • For vertical installation

Multifunction cylinder: allSTOR plus

The hot water cylinder allSTOR plus works perfectly with all Vaillant heat generators. With three tanks in cascade, up to 6,000 litres of hot water storage is possible.

  • 300- to 2,000-litre multifunction cylinder
  • Stratified buffer principle
  • Highly efficient heat insulation
  • Energy efficiency class: B

Ground source heat pump: geoTHERM

The heat pump geoTHERM combines high performance with sustainability and ensures great heating comfort. The integrated weather-compensating energy balance controller makes for especially efficient operation.

  • 22, 30, 38, 46 kW output
  • Highly effective due to an efficient scroll compressor
  • Simple installation thanks to LiftMountingConcept
  • 10-year compressor material guarantee
  • Energy efficiency class: A++

System controller with internet communication module: multiMATIC 700 and VR 920

Gas condensing boiler, solar system or buffer tank — the system controller multiMATIC 700 can regulate all components. The VR 920 enables the additional integration of the remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG.

  • Weather compensator
  • Cascade management
  • Graphic solar output indicator
  • VR 920 includes integrated LAN and Wi-Fi interface
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics with profiDIALO

Wireless weather compensator: eRELAX

The app-based wireless weather compensator eRELAX allows convenient heating system control while on the go. The heating curve is calculated using current digital weather data.

  • Wi-Fi equipped wireless weather compensator
  • Uses digital weather data
  • Self-learning control

Electric small storage cylinder: eloSTOR VEN exclusive

The new eloSTOR VEN exclusive electric small storage cylinders win customers over with low standby energy loss, stepless temperature setting and an eco-mode: for a convenient, energy-saving hot water supply.

  • 5-litre storage capacity
  • ThermoSafe saving function and DropSafe anti-drip system
  • Steplessly adjustable from 7 °C to 85 °C
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Electric instantaneous water heater: electronicVED exclusive

The electronicVED exclusive offers high hot water comfort and, thanks to its flat design, fits in any bathroom or kitchen. In addition, the energyMONITOR with consumption data display makes saving energy extremely easy.

  • 18, 21, 24, 27 kW output
  • 10—16 l / min hot water output
  • Standard wireless remote control with display
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Software: planSOFT

The planSOFT program supports you in the selection of the best-suited cascade system for wall-mounted boilers — including all the necessary fittings.

  • Display of the results, including the package price
  • Material assembly with number of articles, item numbers and item descriptions
  • Integrated export interface for transmission to tender preparation software

Service: profiDIALOG

With our web-based remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG, you can monitor your customers’ heating systems from afar — and react quickly as needed.

  • System analysis, diagnostics and parameter-setting
  • Live monitor for instant analysis
  • Remote maintenance options

Heating homes today with the technology of tomorrow: Vaillant Green iQ

Vaillant develops heating systems that promote the convenient use of renewable energy sources. The Ecodesign Directive ErP, which became binding in September 2015, defines the minimum requirements for energy-relevant products. It informs consumers about the efficiency of products and systems through the energy efficiency label. As a pioneer in energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology, Vaillant goes even further.. We use the Vaillant Green iQ label to designate products which not only use very little energy but are also intelligently networked – such as the ecoTEC exclusive and the auroSTOR exclusive. This means that you can plan and develop an individual heating system for your clients, which already meets the requirements of the future.

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