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Oil and gas condensing solutions for retrofit

Modernise and create added value with intelligent condensing solutions

Modernisation: greater comfort, lower cost

When retrofitting an old oil or gas heating system in a single-family house, one has the choice between simply replacing the boiler or improving the sustainability of the whole system. Whichever option you choose, the goal is always greater efficiency and thus a considerable reduction in heating costs.

One indicator for the efficiency of the new heating system is the energy efficiency label. Condensing systems are evaluated more strictly in terms of energy consumption because they use fossil fuels. However, in combination with supporting solar heat, they can easily achieve an A+ rating. The user behaviour and preferences of the homeowner play a decisive role here — as does individual expert consultation.

This calls for an oil or gas solution that combines high energy efficiency with modest installation effort. The spatial situation must be taken into account, as structural modifications to the boiler room are generally undesired.

Oil and gas condensing technology: economical heat

With the right planning, retrofitting is an excellent long-term investment. Condensing boilers of the latest generation are highly efficient, bringing substantial savings in heating costs. Solar thermal support adds to these savings.

If the retrofit measures include an upgrade to the building envelope, incorporating controlled ventilation of the living space guarantees a comfortable interior climate while also ensuring that the value of the property is preserved. An intelligent, Internet-enabled control system not only increases comfort, it additionally opens up new possiblilties such as remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Important planning factor: the right partner

As a system provider, we can supply you with the custom-tailored condensing technology you need to meet any requirements: from floorstanding oil and gas condensing boilers and wall-mounted gas condensing boilers to compact systems with integrated hot water heating. And, of course, we offer you a comprehensive range of solar thermal solutions for sustainable water heating and heating support. Do you want to enhance your customers’ comfort? Our ventilation and air con systems and intelligent regulation give you everything you need in order to do so.

Important added value: useful services

Over the entire period of your modernisation project, we provide you with support services to make your work significantly easier. Our price lists, for example, will help you select the perfect system. With our remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG and our warranty, you will give your customers the reassuring feeling of having made the right decision.

Retrofitting made to measure with system solutions from Vaillant

Efficient condensing boilers: icoVIT and ecoVIT

If you are looking for a modern oil condensing system to replace an old oil-fired boiler, the icoVIT exclusive is the top choice. By means of complete flue gas condensation, it achieves up to 109% of the official German efficiency standard. And its eBUS interface provides you full water-heating freedom.

The gas-fired replacement boiler ecoVIT offers a highend heating system — with long-lasting burners, low cycling rates and quiet operation. The high water capacity of the stainless steel smooth-tube heat exchanger and the extensive package of fittings guarantee problem-free installation and integration into existing systems.

Sustainably hot water: aroSTOR, auroSTEP and auroSTOR

Both, the oil and gas-fired condensing boilers give you all the water heating options, from the conventional cylinder to renewable energies. Our environmentally friendly aroSTOR hot water heat pump takes a large part of the energy it requires from the surrounding air. For water heating only, select the compact drain-back solar cylinder auroSTEP plus D in combination with the flat plate collector auroTHERM classic.

Offer your customers more sustainability with additional solar thermal heating support. The new solar combination cylinder auroSTOR VPS RS 800 is an especially economical solution for solar water heating and heating support. It draws the energy it needs from flat plate collectors from the VFK series or vacuum tube collectors from the VTK series.

Important when retrofitting oil and gas

  • Condensing solutions for all spatial situations
  • Supporting solar systems to meet all needs
  • More fit for the future through intelligent interconnection
  • Added value through excellent services

Everything integrated: ecoTEC exclusive and ecoCOMPACT

The smaller the boiler room, the more compact the system has to be. Close quarters call for our gas condensing boilers with integrated water heating. The wall-mounted eco-TEC exclusive VCW has a striking, advanced heat exchanger design, as well as a high modulation range of 1 : 10 that guarantees especially low consumption rates. For its ideal combination of efficiency, intelligence and sustainability, it is absolutely justified in bearing our Green iQ label.

Thanks to its self-optimising condensing technology, the floorstanding ecoCOMPACT achieves up to 109% of the official German efficiency standard. The integrated storage cylinder offers the choice of a stratified or tube coil tank, depending on water hardness.

Comfort and connectivity: recoVAIR VAR 60, climaVAIR and ambiSENSE

If the house renovation is to include an insulation upgrade, controlled interior ventilation is recommended. Our decentralised ventilation system recoVAIR VAR 60 can be integrated into the existing structure without great effort and is pleasantly quiet in its operation. On the other hand, air con units from the climaVAIR series bring fast relief to overheated top-level floors in summer.

With the ambiSENSE regulation system for individual rooms, you can control the temperature room by room by exchanging the radiator valves — even while on the go, using the free multiMATIC app. The multiMATIC 700 system controller and the Internet communication module VR 920 provide the necessary basis for this.

Efficient comprehensive solutions with high-performance individual components

Gas condensing boiler: ecoTEC exclusive VCW

The wall-mounted ecoTEC exclusive VCW combined unit with integrated water heating offers a wide modulation range: for up to 30% savings in energy costs with solar support.

  • 26 kW output
  • Wide modulation range of up to 1 : 10
  • Parallel hot water use possible
  • Awarded the Green iQ label
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Gas condensing boiler: ecoVIT

The ecoVIT VKK is the ideal boiler for a fast and simple retrofit of the single-family house. The result: up to 15% savings in heating costs compared to conventional gas boilers.

  • 19, 26, 36, 50 kW output
  • Stainless-steel smooth-tube heat exchanger
  • Simplest hydraulic connection
  • Combinable with solar and ventilation systems
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Oil-fired condensing boiler: icoVIT exclusive

The icoVIT exclusive impresses with two-stage burner technology, quiet operation and functioning that adjusts to demand: bio heating oil admixtures of up to 20% can be used.

  • Two-stage burner, 10.7—35.7 kW output
  • Can be operated without a hydraulic switch
  • Fit for the future through eBUS interface
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Hot water heat pump: aroSTOR

The aroSTOR hot water heat pump ensures environmentally friendly and flexible water heating in single-family houses. A special advantage for owners of a photovoltaic system: self-generated power can be used year-round.

  • 290, 300 l storage capacities
  • 60 °C hot water temperature only with heat pump operation
  • Heat pump operation as low as –7 °C
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Solar combination cylinder: auroSTOR

The auroSTOR VPS RS 800 combined hot water and buffer tank shines with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, premium thermal insulation and high hot water comfort.

  • 800 l storage volume
  • Stainless-steel pure water coil
  • Hygienic continuous flow water heating
  • Energy efficiency class: B

Gas condensing system: ecoCOMPACT VCC

In just 0.41 m² utility space, the ecoCOMPACT VCC simultaneously provides even expansive dwellings with cosy heat and hot water comfort.

  • 20, 26 kW output
  • 150 liter coil storage
  • Electronically controlled high-efficiency pump
  • Energy efficiency class: heating A / hot water A

Individual room regulation: ambiSENSE

With the ambiSENSE regulation system for individual rooms, the temperature of individual radiators or rooms can be conveniently set via the multiMATIC app while you are on the go. The wireless thermostat valves are ideal for upgrading existing radiators.

  • Display with room temperature indicator
  • Setting of room temperature
  • Programming of time frames
  • Control via app possible

Decentralised ventilation: recoVAIR VAR 60

The decentralised ventilation recoVAIR VAR 60 can be easily integrated into the existing building construction and saves energy thanks to heat recovery.

  • 60 m³ air flow / h output
  • Integrated humidity and light sensors
  • Regenerative ceramic heat accumulator
  • Easy integration in existing buildings
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Pure water storage tank: auroSTEP plus D

The auroSTEP plus D pure water system provides the highest hot water comfort for up to seven people. The solar station with integrated system controller is mounted directly to the cylinder — for a perfectly coordinated system.

  • 250, 350 l storage capacities
  • Fully wired solar station
  • Drain-back system, stagnation-free
  • Simple, space-saving installation
  • Energy efficiency class: B

System controller with Internet communication module: multiMATIC 700f and VR 920

Whether gas or oil condensing boiler, buffer tank, hybrid or solar system: the system controller multiMATIC 700 can control all components — even conveniently via the multiMATIC app, thanks to the VR 920.

  • Weather-sensitive controller, also available as a wireless version
  • Basis for ambiSENSE room regulation system
  • VR 920 with integrated LAN and Wi-Fi interface
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics with profiDIALOG

Service: profiDIALOG

With our web-based remote diagnostics portal profiDIALOG, you can control your customers’ heating systems remotely — and react quickly as needed.

  • System analysis, diagnosis and parameter setting
  • Live monitor for instant analysis
  • Remote servicing options

Heating homes today with the technology of tomorrow: Vaillant Green iQ

Vaillant develops heating systems that promote the convenient use of renewable energy sources. The Ecodesign Directive ErP, which became binding in September 2015, defines the minimum requirements for energy-relevant products. It informs consumers about the efficiency of products and systems through the energy efficiency label. As a pioneer in energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology, Vaillant goes even further.. We use the Vaillant Green iQ label to designate products which not only use very little energy but are also intelligently networked – such as the ecoTEC exclusive and the auroSTOR exclusive. This means that you can plan and develop an individual heating system for your clients, which already meets the requirements of the future.

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