From intelligent heating

to an intelligent house

The smart home made easy: for new construction and modernisation

The smart home made easy: for new construction and modernisation

Everybody is talking about smart homes. The intelligent home, in which all electrical devices are interlinked and can be controlled by a smartphone, is becoming a reality. According to a current study by the renowned consumer research group Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK)*, 72% of Germans are convinced of the advantages of a smart home. About 51% of smart-home proponents associate them in particular with the more efficient use of energy.

The fully automated house, in which the fridge orders milk by e-mail, probably isn’t of interest to everybody. But a great spectrum of simple, cost-effective solutions is already available — for a diverse public that desires more security, comfort and energy efficiency for their homes.

Particularly high energy savings can be achieved in heating and ventilation with intelligent technology. To enable you and your customers to benefit from this, we offer wide-ranging solutions that use our control technology, from intelligent heating control and efficient energy management to full building automation.

*GfK: Making the smart home a reality, 2016

Effortless control: the smart home for all

More intelligence in heating is easy. If the heating system is properly equipped, it can be conveniently regulated by app with a single controller. With ambiSENSE, our intelligent wireless thermostatic valves, radiators can also be quickly upgraded for a comfortable, energy-efficient climate in every room. In addition, heating systems can be integrated into smart platforms like Amazon Echo. All of these solutions can be implemented without difficulty, require no expensive extra technology and are efficient and comfortable.

The universal interface: EEBus

Smart-home systems of greater complexity interconnect the varied functions of diverse appliances from various manufacturers. The communication between these devices is achieved through the EEBus initiative. EEBus is the communication solution for energy management interfaces. It ensures that devices with corresponding functionality can exchange information, independent of manufacturer and technology. We use this technology with various cooperating partners: SMA in the area of energy management, and in the future also with QIVICON, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, for building automation.

EEBus is destined to play an important role as a universal language linking intelligent appliances. As a member of the European EEBus initiative, we are actively furthering its implementation. The initiative’s German supporters also include companies such as ABB, BSH Hausgeräte, Miele, E.ON and VDA.

The premium connection: KNX

KNX is the sole open standard for house and building systems technology worldwide. In technical terms, it is a fieldbus system (computer network protocol) for which a dedicated cable is laid. For communication, a so-called actuator is installed between each integrated appliance and the electrical supply. The actuator receives information through its connection to the KNX bus.

For energy management, comfort functions or security technology: a KNX system can integrate all functionalities — right through to the fully automated house. We use KNX as a partner of Connected Comfort, a brand alliance of German manufacturers for interconnected living comfort in the premium market segment.

Intelligent heating with eRELAX, multiMATIC 700 and ambiSENSE

The perfect room temperature, effortlessly: eRELAX

If your customers want easy control of their eBUS-capable gas heating system via app, our eRELAX offers a simple solution. The weather compensator is connected to the internet by wi-fi, and adjusts the system to the optimal room temperature on the basis of current digital weather data. Both space and water heating can be conveniently regulated by means of separate timer programmes via the eRELAX app.

Smart extension: Amazon Echo and IFTTT

eRELAX opens up yet more application possibilities through the integration of Amazon Echo and IFTTT. The Amazon Echo intelligent speaker system allows the control of eRELAX functions with the help of the virtual assistant Alexa, including by voice input. With the webbased IFTTT service (if this then that), even the most disparate services and hardware components can be logically interconnected. This is done by creating small, simple action-specific links, known as applets, that work on the „if this, then that“ principle.

The applet for ‘Switch my boiler off when there is a CO emergency’, for example, automatically turns off the boiler if a sensor detects a critical level of carbon monoxide. The graphical user interface and convenient selection menus make creating applets with IFTTT extremely easy. Through the integration of Amazon Echo and IFTTT, eRELAX provides the perfect first steps towards the intelligent house.

Controlling everything with ease: multiMATIC 700 and VR 920

An all-round talent: the multiMATIC 700 weather-sensitive system controller is compatible with most Vaillant heat generators, including solar thermal and living space ventilation systems. In combination with the VR 920 internet communication module and the multiMATIC app, it allows convenient control by tablet or smartphone.

Efficiency upgrade: ambiSENSE individual room control

The eBUS interface also offers intelligent, convenient control via smartphone for existing Vaillant gas or oil heating systems — made possible by ambiSENSE individual room control. The radio-controlled VR 50 simply replaces the manual thermostatic valve on the corresponding radiator. Using the free multiMATIC app, the desired room temperatures can be set for different time frames.

Even more convenience is offered by the VR51 wireless room thermostat, which can control up to six radiators in a single room. The VR 51 measures the temperature in the space rather than at the radiator, resulting in a reading with greater precision. The integrated humidity sensor additionally guarantees an ideal room climate.

Easy to install, hard to decrypt

Because of its wireless technology, ambiSENSE can be simply installed into a system already in operation, allowing easy adjustment to any changes in the living situation. Its AES-encrypted authorisation control fulfills the highest security standards. These aspects make ambiSENSE the ideal solution for upgrading existing systems.

The multiMATIC 700 system controller and the VR 920 internet communication module are required for the integration of ambiSENSE into the Vaillant heating system.

From effective to exclusive: EEBus and KNX

Efficient energy management with EEBus

Increasing numbers of households in Germany are choosing a heating solution that combines a heat pump and photovoltaics. Environmentally friendly heat recovery is particularly cost-effective when a large share of the electricity consumed by the household is drawn from self-generated power. In collaboration with our partner SMA, the world market leader in solar inverters, we have developed a solution based on exactly this principle. It utilises the EEBus integration of our multiMATIC 700 system controller and the VR 920 internet communication module — as well as SMA’s intelligent energy management.

Sunny outlook for solar power generators

The Sunny Home Manager from SMA is an energy management system that exchanges information with our heat pumps and photovoltaic systems via the EEBus. Using the multiMATIC app, the customer can then select from different strategies for generating heat and hot water. At the maximum configuration level, the heat pump heats the cylinder or buffer tank even outside the designated time frame and to a higher temperature (offset) when electricity is available free of charge.

It additionally uses current weather data to calculate the expected output of the photovoltaic system in subsequent hours. Because it also records the typical household power consumption peaks, it can optimise the use of self-generated electricity — and, for example, start the washing machine or the dishwasher. The increased self-generated share of total energy consumed reduces power costs substantially.

Into the smart private home with EEBus

Many appliances and functions from various manufacturers can be combined, controlled and automated on the basis of a smart-home platform. The QIVICON Home Base from Deutsche Telekom makes this possible. Its special advantage is that it allows the setting and automated execution of designated multifunction scenarios. If a window is opened, for example, the heating temperature is automatically reduced. In the same way, the ventilation system is activated when a designated air humidity level is exceeded. And the heating system can be easily controlled by app after you have left the house.

As QIVICON will also be part of the EEBus initiative in the future, Vaillant systems will be easy to integrate. To do this, your customers will simply need the multiMATIC 700 system controller and the VR 920 internet communication module.

Into the luxury segment with KNX and Connected Comfort

Since the advent of the smart home, the name KNX has stood for exclusive building automation. Because KNX solutions require a dedicated cable, they are particularly suited to new constructions. Manufacturers including Gira, Dornbracht, Revox, Miele, Loewe, Brumberg, Warema, Viega and Vaillant have joined forces especially for the premium real estate market in Germany. With Connected Comfort, we utilise the KNX standard across the trades to bring more intelligence and, above all, more living comfort into the home.

With our ise smart connect KNX Vaillant gateway and the multiMATIC 700 system controller, Vaillant appliances can be integrated without difficulty into KNX installations — for a living experience of the very highest standard.

Heating homes today with the technology of tomorrow: Vaillant Green iQ

Vaillant develops heating systems that promote the convenient use of renewable energy sources. The Ecodesign Directive ErP, which became binding in September 2015, defines the minimum requirements for energy-relevant products. It informs consumers about the efficiency of products and systems through the energy efficiency label. As a pioneer in energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology, Vaillant goes even further.. We use the Vaillant Green iQ label to designate products which not only use very little energy but are also intelligently networked – such as the ecoTEC exclusive and the auroSTOR exclusive. This means that you can plan and develop an individual heating system for your clients, which already meets the requirements of the future. Learn more.

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