Green iQ

Going green the smart way

Vaillant Green iQ customers’ voices

Always looking for the most sustainable way to serve a home with energy: in unique stories, Vaillant customers share their individual Vaillant Green iQ experience.

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Watch the video to see and hear what Family Wildemeersch from Belgium associates with Vaillant and Green iQ.

The intelligent way to a green future

We live in a world where sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important. That’s why we developed Vaillant Green iQ heating systems. They reduce emissions and costs without your customers having to sacrifice convenience. Only selected products that satisfy the list of criteria specified by our experts are permitted to carry the Green iQ label.

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  • Sustainability and environmental protection is the core of Green iQ label. The optimal use of resources is therefore very significant.
  • Efficiency guaranteed by high quality standards. Vaillant keeps your longlasting system fit for the future. That’s why it comes in timelessly beautiful design.
  • Connectivity makes our products even smarter. They can be controlled while away from home – for maximum service and convenience.

Sustainable, networked and well-engineered technology

Green iQ products combine the highest levels of efficiency and environmental protection with sustainability and networked intelligence. Vaillant high quality standards guarantee a longlasting system with a timelessly beautiful design. In 2015 Vaillant introduced a range of products that fulfil all Green IQ criteria over their entire product life cycle.

ecoTEC exclusive

The maximum in future-oriented condensing technology

ecoTEC exclusive has a newly developed all-gas-system with reduced gas and electricity consumption for maximum efficiency. Its optimal use of resources makes it especially sustainable and thanks to intelligent connectivity it can even be controlled while away from home – for maximum service and convenience. More product features.

flexoTHERM/flexoCOMPACT exclusive

For a new era of intelligent heat pumps

The newly developed, high-efficiency refrigeration circuit already fulfils 2019 efficiency requirements. These systems carry the highest energy efficiency label in their class: A++. When resources are used intelligently, the environment delivers around 75% of the required energy for free. More product features.

The time is right. We need to make a mark

Green iQ is our quality label for green technology. Well-engineered, forward thinking technology manufactured with an emphasis on Germany. Only appliances that meet highest standards in the fields of sustainability, efficiency and connectivity are awarded with the Green iQ label.Read more details about the Green iQ label!

Sustainability: Focusing sustainability is not only good for the environment; it is also leading to intelligent options.

  • High level of recyclability
  • Lower energy costs
  • Socially responsible production in Europe/emphasis on Germany

Efficiency: Green iQ products are the new way of climate-friendly heating: combining environmental protection with sustainability.´

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Minimum Energy Label: A
  • Optimal efficiency

Connectivity: Innovative technologies enable the intuitively remote control and make heating systems smarter than ever.

  • WLAN compatible
  • Free customer App
  • Smart operation for remote diagnosis
  • Universal interface for system expansion

My Green IQ

The first Europe-wide study into green intelligence

The Green IQ study shows how important environmental aspects are to people in different countries – and whether they implement them in their everyday lives. This survey involved asking around 13,500 people from 13 different countries about various topics, including consumer behaviour, mobility and energy consumption – with some very interesting results.

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