“I have a special connection with my heating system”

Gesine and Sven Hanfland from Solingen, Germany, are believers – in efficiency and sustainability, and in their Green iQ heater.

“Come on Janne, let’s go back up to Mama and your little sister Inga,” says Sven Hanfland, trying to prise away his nearly two-year-old son from the heater in the cellar. Janne is still holding the screwdriver Papa had given him to help check the Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive condensing boiler. “Now and then I’ll have a little look inside the device, purely out of interest. After all, I accompanied the product development phase from start to finish,” reports Sven. He works as a programme manager at the Vaillant Group and was responsible for the market launch of the condensing boiler from the Green iQ product range as project manager.

“Efficiency is key for me. I am completely sold on the merits of the ecoTEC exclusive, which is why we also installed the device at home,” he continues. Two years ago, he and his wife Gesine bought a detached house in Solingen, between Düsseldorf and Cologne, which was built in 1952. While researching their preferences, it became clear that Gesine and Sven wanted something a little different. The solid construction has five large rooms and a smaller room that can be used as either living or sleeping space. It has a cellar with the same dimensions as the house and, with floor space totalling 146 m² plus a large garden, is roomy enough for the family of four. The house didn’t need any major renovation work as the water and power lines had been modernised and the roof was already insulated when the family bought it. The old building’s original features, however, were still intact, such as the large wooden sliding doors, the old front door, the wooden staircase and the conservatory, which give the building an added charm.

Although the previous heating system was only twelve years old and thus relatively new, the Hanflands chose to exchange the existing condensing boiler for a Green iQ product. They now save an average of around 15 percent on their annual gas bill. The heating system comes complete with a solar system and an 800-litre allSTOR storage tank. The family are extremely happy with their heater, particularly in terms of reliability and efficiency. It is especially economical in the transitional seasons as, unlike many other heating systems, it does not require a minimum amount of running water to heat. The system is also very quiet when in operation. “When our chimney sweep wanted to check the device for the first time he had no idea whether it was switched on or off because it’s so quiet,” says Gesine Hanfland with a chuckle. At 41 decibels, the ecoTEC exclusive is no louder than any other sounds you would usually hear in the home.

Gesine is very aware of sustainability in her day-to-day life. For instance, the family also has a 1,000-litre rainwater tank in the garden used for watering the plants. Electronic devices are not left on stand-by and LED lights are fitted wherever possible. Purchases are made from the local region or at the nearest farm shop. Sven keeps an eye on technology and efficiency. He likes to control the heater via the related app. “I use the app to turn the heating back on when we’re on our way back from our holiday. I can also set a timer to turn the heating on and off. Being able to do all this via the app is even more convenient than using the control unit,” explains Sven.

Sustainability, technology and efficiency are important to the family. Their Green iQ ecoTEC exclusive unites all these aspects.

Facts and figures

Building information
Description, name of projectSingle-family house in Solingen, Germany
Type of buildSingle-family house
LocationSolingen, Germany
CompletionYear of construction: 1952; heating system last updated in 2014
Key figures – area146 m² living space; solid construction with multiple bedrooms, conservatory and cellar
Key figures – Energy concept details
  • Standard single-family house with gas-condensing wall-hung boiler and solar thermal system for DHW and heating support
  • Rainwater storage (1,000 l); insulated windows, walls and roof
Vaillant products
  • ecoTEC exclusive VC 216 gas-condensing wall-hung boiler
  • allSTOR exclusive VPS 800 with aguaFLOW exclusive VPM 20/25 W fresh water station and auroFLOW exclusive solar station as well as four auroTHERM plus VFK 145 V solar collectors
  • multiMATIC 700 system control unit as well as VR 900 gateway with multiMATIC app3
Building ownersGesine and Sven Hanfland