A common future

Family comes first for Edvard Ilešič and Petra Markotić. They live in a multigenerational house together with their four-year-old son Gašper and Edvard’s parents in Ptuj, Slovenia. As of this year they will have even more time for each other as they will no longer have to worry about their heating.

The family home was built by Grandfather Feliks Ilešič in 1962. The necessary materials had to be smuggled illegally from Germany and Austria to former Yugoslavia. At the time there were just three houses on the street, situated about four kilometres from the city centre. Now it is densely populated but still a relaxing place to live. The 300 m², two-family house is one of many multigenerational homes in the area. In Slovenia, it is normal for the younger generations to take care of older family members. The Ilešič family spends as much time together as possible – and shares a special interest: viticulture. They own a total of 850 vines. To make sure the house is fit for the future, the family has initiated many reconstruction measures over the past eight years. They renovated the first floor, added a terrace and replaced the house facade. After being damaged by hail, the Ilešič family replaced the roof and installed well insulated windows. “We have done all of this renovation work by ourselves,” explains Petra Markotić, Edvard’s partner. “We have saved a lot of money since completing the work.”

Initially the dining room was supposed to be renovated too, but then the family opted to install a heat pump. Vaillant’s flexoTHERM exclusive water–water heat pump was the obvious choice. A friend of Edvard recommended an installation engineer and also Vaillant. “When a friend recommends something, we trust their advice. We wanted the best quality and we found it in Vaillant,” explains Edvard. Despite not shopping around, the family’s choice seems to have paid off: they save about 40 per cent on heating costs thanks to their new heating system. Before they installed the new system, the family used wood-fired ovens. “We had to get up very early to fire up the oven. Now everything is operated at the press of a button and we have more family time,” enthuses Petra. Furthermore, Petra can adjust the temperature and heating times very simply using the associated multiMATIC app. This is a great improvement to the old system for her as she doesn’t even have to be at home to make changes. The family is looking forward to their next big development as Petra is five months pregnant. Now and then she’ll enjoy a little time for herself relaxing in the bath. And she doesn’t have to worry about running out of hot water with the new 800-litre allSTOR exclusive storage tank combined with the high-performance fresh water station aguaFLOW exclusive.

A few weeks ago, Edvard celebrated his 40th birthday with his friends and family. The barbecue went on for two days. The family home is well and truly fit for the future and ready for many more parties in the generations to come.

Facts and figures

Building information
Description, name of projectTwo-family house (apartment house) in Ptuj, Slovenia
Type of buildTwo-family house (apartment house)
LocationPtuj, Slovenia
CompletionYear of construction: 1962
Key figures – area300 m² living space
Key figures – Energy concept details
  • Low-energy heating solution featuring a Green iQ flexoTHERM exclusive with 9 kW output plus fluoCOLLECT module in the form of a water–water heat pump. allSTOR exclusive 800 l buffer storage was installed as an additional component.
  • Insulated windows, walls and roof
Vaillant products
  • flexoTHERM exclusive VWF 87/4 Green iQ water–water heat pump with fluoCOLLECT VWW 11/4 SI
  • allSTOR exclusive VPS 800/3-7
  • aguaFLOW exclusive VPM 20/25 W
  • multiMATIC 700 system control unit
  • VR 900 gateway with multiMATIC app
Building ownersFeliks Ilešič and Edvard Ilešič
Installation engineerCiril Marcen (INSTALACIJE MARCEN s.p.); Matke 18, 3312 Prebold, Slovenia