Attention to quality

The brothers-in-law Ciril Marcen and Jure Jošt are enthusiastic about efficiency and sustainability. A heating installer himself,it was clear to Ciril that a Vaillant Green iQ heat pump was the perfect choice for Jure’s house.

Today, Ciril Marcen, who has worked as a heating installer for 13 years, is checking the heating system at his brother-in-law Jure Jošt’s home. Jure lives with his family in Prebold, a small, old town in Slovenia with about 5,000 inhabitants, located just a 45-minute drive away from the capital city Ljubljana.

A few years ago, Ciril took over his father’s installation company. He was the first installation engineer in the country to install Green iQ heating systems in Slovenia. “I am interested in future-oriented heating systems. The Green iQ products are very efficient and also sustainable. That’s a good combination,”says Ciril. His brother-in-law Jure wants to lead a sustainable lifestyle, too. The family has a vegetable garden and fruit trees, they bake their own bread and produce homemade sausages. Jure also teaches his two daughters to take care of the environment.

The Jošt family home was built in 1978 and has 300 m² of living space. Some renovation work has already been done, for instance the roof and windows were replaced. The house facade will soon be insulated and the family plans to further extend the house. When it came to replacing the heating system, Ciril recommended the Vaillant product.

Although he compared this suggestion with other suppliers, Jure did not give the other manufacturers a second thought.“Vaillant offers the best quality in the Slovenian market. I always buy the best quality, especially with such an important investment,” he explains. And that’s not all: Vaillant is the only supplier in Slovenia to offer a ten-year warranty on the compressor.

The air–water heat pump flexoTHERM exclusive, with its aroCOLLECT outdoor unit, lies at the heart of the installed heating system. It is rounded off with an allSTOR VPS storagetank, which also incorporates an aguaFLOW exclusive VPM20/25 W fresh water station that provides domestic hot water instantaneously. Installation went without a hitch. All in all, it took less than a week to remove the old heating system and install the new one.

Apart from the efficiency of the heating system and the low noise emissions, Jure especially likes the design. “We intentionally chose to install the outdoor unit where people couldsee it from the street,” Jure says smiling. “We are proud of our heating system. Why should we keep it hidden from our neighbours?”

Facts and figures

Building information
Description, name of projectTwo-family house (apartment house)in Prebold, Slovenia
Type of buildTwo-family house (apartment house)
LocationPrebold, Slovenia
CompletionYear of construction: 1978
Key figures – area300 m² living space
Key figures – Energy concept details
  • Low-energy heating solution featuringa flexoTHERM exclusive air–waterGreen iQ heat pump with 11 kW outputplus the outdoor unit aroCOLLECTinstalled approx. 20 metres awayfrom the house. The system is roundedoff with an allSTOR exclusive 1,000 lbuffer storage tank and an aguaFLOWexclusive fresh water station.
  • Insulated windows and roof
Vaillant products
  • flexoTHERM exclusive VWF 117/4 Green iQheat pump, installed as an air–water heatpump together with aroCOLLECT VWL11/4 SA
  • allSTOR exclusive VPS 1000/3-7
  • aguaFLOW exclusive VPM 20/25 Wfresh water station
Building ownersJure Jošt and Tjaša Romih
Installation engineerCiril Marcen (INSTALACIJE MARCEN s.p.);Matke 18, 3312 Prebold, Slovenia