Green iQ products

Sustainable, networked and well-engineered technology

Green iQ products combine the highest levels of efficiency and environmental protection with sustainability and networked intelligence. Vaillant‘s high quality standards guarantee a longlasting system fit for the future with a timelessly beautiful design. ecoTEC exclusive, flexoTHERM exclusive and flexoCOMPACT exclusive will be the first products launched on your market carriying the Green iQ label .

ecoTEC exclusive

The maximum in future-oriented condensing technology

ecoTEC exclusive has a newly developed all-gas-system with reduced gas and electricity consumption for maximum efficiency. Its optimal use of resources makes it especially sustainable and thanks to intelligent connectivity it can even be controlled while away from home – for maximum service and convenience. More product features.

flexoTHERM/flexoCOMPACT exclusive

For a new era of intelligent heat pumps

The newly developed, high-efficiency refrigeration circuit already fulfils 2019 efficiency requirements. These systems carry the highest energy efficiency label in their class: A++. When resources are used intelligently, the environment delivers around 75% of the required energy for free. More product features.