ecoTEC exclusive

The maximum in future-oriented condensing technology.

Product features

Smart on the inside

Innovative technology is built right into your Green iQ products. Like Wi-Fi for effortless connectivity.

You're in control.

Inituitive remote control with the new multiMATIC app and professional monitoring with profiDIALOG will put a smile on all your customers' faces.

Intelligent connections

Integrated interfaces let you design hybrid systems at a glance. Upgrading with renewables is easier than ever.

Recyclable materials

A very high percentage of all materials used in Green iQ products are recyclable.

Quality that's built to last

Longevity, the lowest energy consumption and intelligent connectivity - a forwardthinkin choice for responsible homeowners.

Environmentally friendly energies

Our Green iQ gas-driven product ecoTEC exclusive could be powered by 100% of bio natural gas.