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flexoTHERM/COMPACT exclusive

For a new era of intelligent heat pumps.

Comfort ↑ Consumption ↓

Green iQ mode operation for a low electricity bill. All Green iQ products have ErP label A or better.

Smart on the inside

Innovative technology is built right into your Green iQ products. Like Wi-Fi for effortless connectivity.

Intelligent connections

Integrated interfaces let you design hybrid systems at a glance. Upgrading with renewables is easier than ever.

You're in control.

Inituitive remote control with the new multiMATIC app and professional monitoring with profiDIALOG will put a smile on all your customers' faces.

Green iQ = flexibility

flexoTHERM/ COMPACT exclusive can be operated with soil, water or air.

Future-proof investment

Green iQ products are designed today to incorporate tomorrow's technology. Because Vaillant thinks ahead.