Combined heat and power plant (CHP).

While producing electricity the resulting heat is used for heating. Therefore combined heat and power plants are the most efficient way to use gas in a household.

When electricity is generated in a typical coal power plant over 62 % of the primary energy is lost as waste heat. A further 6.5 % loss occurs in the transmission over the grid. In the end, only about 36 % of the invested energy for electricity is delivered to the consumer.

Vaillant are putting a stop to these losses with the "home power plant" — the CHP. Thanks to combined heat and power (CHP) technology, energy is used in two ways and is thus highly efficient. Our cogeneration plant simultaneously generates electricity and heat.

The advantages of using CHP

  • About 30 % less energy consumption
  • Up to 50 % fewer emissions
  • Less dependence on the electricity market

Requirements that must be fulfilled by your home:

  • Suitable and sufficient space
  • Connection to the gas system or own gas tank

How cogeneration plants work

A special gas combustion engine in the cogeneration unit drives a generator producing electricity. This allows you to cover a part of your electricity needs, or even feed electricity into the public grid. The cogeneration plant is mainly used to generate electricity. The heat generated during the operation of the generator is fed into the heating installation. In this way it supports the heating system and considerably reduces energy consumption.

Up to 30 % less energy consumption

You can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 % using combined heat and power (CHP). Consequently, emissions are reduced by up to 50 %. The power plant can also use bio-natural gas, or LPG in addition to natural gas. Seek advice from your local Vaillant expert.

The CHP system

The full potential of combined heat and power generation can best be realised in an integrated network. It works most efficiently in combination with a peak load boiler such as a gas condensing boiler. This supplements the heating in very cold periods, or when there is a high demand for hot water. The system is completed with a buffer cylinder in which heated water is stored until it is needed. The system is optimally controlled via a system controller and the flue gas evacuation disposes of the associated emissions.

The right heating system

There is no standard solution when searching for the right heating system. But it is not that difficult to find the system that fits your needs. Talk with your Vaillant heating specialists. They can assist you in planning your new heating installation.