Oil-fired condensing technology

Condensing boilers operated with oil can reduce heating costs by up to 15 %. Compared to traditional oil heatings they use the waste heat which is generated during the combustion of the oil.

Condensing boilers have a very high energy efficiency: They use the waste heat generated by the combustion of the oil. By utilising the waste heat the costs of operating an oil heater are reduced. As oil condensing boilers consume less energy, the emissions are also considerably lower compared to normal oil heaters. An oil condensing boiler works on the same principle as a gas condensing boiler.

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The advantages of oil condensing boilers

  • Saves up to 15% on energy costs compared to a normal oil heater
  • Low investment costs
  • Can be combined with solar hot water preparation and heating support
  • Easy integration into complex systems

Our condensing boilers can be operated on an admixture of biogenic fuels. To further reduce your consumption of fossil fuels, you can add up to 20% biofuel.

Modernisation and combining with solar thermal heating

If you want to modernise your heating system by using oil condensing boilers from Vaillant, you should also consider using solar thermal heating. Our condensing boilers can be combined with solar hot water preparation and heating support. So you can also use solar energy and save money. Up to 60% of the energy needed for hot water preparation and 20% of the energy for heat could be covered by free solar energy.

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Take the opportunity to switch

You might even want to consider switching completely to another energy source as oil prices will probably continue to rise in the future. In certain circumstances you can also profit from fundings when switching from oil heating to renewable energy. The best solution is to seek advice from your local Vaillant expert.