30 m customers have one thing in common: the good feeling of doing the right thing.

In 1874, Johann Vaillant founded his company in the small German city of Remscheid. Back then, it was his vision to make water heating accessible for every household. About 140 years later, his company has 30 million satisfied customers in more than 60 countries. Listen to our customers from all over the world and experience first-hand what “the good feeling of doing the right thing” really means!

Around the world with Vaillant Customers' voices Vaillant in your country

Around the world with Vaillant

Customers' voices

See and hear what Vaillant customers and employees associate with the Vaillant brand.

In ten unique stories, people from Belgium, China, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany share their individual Vaillant experience.

Leen and Koen Wildemeersch from Aalter, Belgium

Our installation technician recommended a product with the Green iQ label. After comparing it with other products, we realised it combined all the features that are important to us. It’s eco-friendly and efficient, plus we can control the heating system using an app even when we’re not at home. Since we’ve had the installation, we look at each other every single day and are so happy knowing that the house and heating system are a perfect match for us.

Leen and Koen Wildemeersch installed a flexoTHERM brine/water heat pump and combined it with a 400-litre geoSTOR hot water storage. On top, with the multiMATIC 700 system control, the VR 900 gateway and multiMATIC app.

Read more about Green iQ heating systems!

Petar Jakić from Zagreb, Croatia

When I’m on a business trip it’s very important for me that my wife and children have everything they need to be safe. I don’t want any worries. I chose Vaillant because it’s reliable, good quality and hassle-free, and it always delivers what we need.

Petar Jakić and his family have an ecoTEC plus condensing boiler and a calorMATIC 370 control.

Jan van Marion from Oostvoorne, Netherlands

I was born in Oostvoorne and I still live here together with my family. It has always been my dream to run a restaurant that is surrounded by nature. We could not resist when we had the opportunity to build one right here. The energy concept of the building was very important to us. Eventually, we found the right system through an installer from our village who recommended Vaillant. We now have a system that works perfectly and which we are happy with: it’s good for the environment, good for us, and ultimately good for the durability of our company.

Jan van Marion installed a geoTHERM heat pump and an allSTOR buffer storage with solar panels.

Valerio de Pretto from Venice, Italy

In the seventies most of the heating appliances installed around here in Venice were Vaillant boilers. That was because of poor electric grid connections. Today this problem no longer exists, which means that customers can now choose to install whatever heating brand they want. But they still choose to install Vaillant products because they are reliable and of very high quality.

Valerio de Pretto works for Vaillant as a service technician. Find out more about Vaillant.

Kurt and Lisa Zügner from Altusried, Germany

Vaillant breaks new ground – they have the courage to be innovative and always search for the best solution. This is what we believe in. I have been an engineer in supply technology for 20 years, and I have known Vaillant for all this time. They have been a reliable partner throughout the years.

In their home, Kurt and Lisa Zügner installed an SOFC fuel cell along with a
gas condensing boiler.

Pan Desheng from Shanghai, China

My family is the most important thing in my life. That’s why our house is much more important to me than our car. At home everything works really well, which is why my wife and I are as happy together as on our first day. Our home is like an island for us. Why do we chose Vaillant? One day, we went to visit our friends and found that the rooms of their home were surprisingly warm even on the coldest of days. The same friend then recommended Vaillant heating systems to me.

Pan Desheng and his family have a turboTEC plus non-condensing boiler.

Daniel Klages from Solingen, Germany

When planning the light tower, it was vital for us not to create anything with a short-term effect to show-off, but something substantial and reliable. At the same time, it wasn't supposed to just look like something special from the outside. Hence we naturally integrated our vision into every aspect of the building. To this day, we are convinced that our Vaillant heat pump – an important part of the concept – is the best solution for efficient and sustainable energy production for the light tower.

The light tower is heated with a geoTHERM brine/water heat pump.

Lilia Scattolin from Spinea, Italy

We don’t like to waste energy, and we don't want to consume more limited resources than necessary. For these reasons, we use a system with solar collectors to support the production of hot water. That’s a real solution.

Lilia Scattolin and her family decided for the auroCOMPACT. condensing boiler, which uses solar energy for maximum sustainability in an all-in-one system.

Tao Jun from Shangai, China

We lived in Germany for more than ten years, but we came back because Shanghai is our home. In Germany we fell in love with a lot of things, such as Bratwurst, bread and beer – and of course the conscientious work of German engineers. That’s why we installed a Vaillant product in our home. Our little piece of Germany.

Tao Jun and his wife believe in German quality. But where does this quality come from? Take a look at Vaillant's history and Vaillant’s plans for the future!

Dirk van Stappen from Vianen, the Netherlands

I moved into my house 30 years ago. At that time, the building owner chose a Vaillant heating system. The boiler did a good job for 30 years, and I never had any problems with it. That’s why there is no doubt that I would choose a Vaillant boiler again.

Dirk van Stappen upgraded his house with a brand-new, highly efficient Vaillant ecoTEC plus condensing boiler.

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