Sustainably innovative

  • With modern heating technology, we contribute to climate protection
  • We have a clear stategic approach towards renewable energies
  • Sustainability is strongly embedded in all our products

Our three pillars

Since our foundation in 1874, we have been driven by a passion for innovative, reliable and highly efficient technologies, systems and services. Products that impress with their quality and which, with their consistent focus on renewable energies, make an important contribution to climate protection.

Heat pumps


Smart Home

Heat pumps

Heat pumps: renewable energy from air, water or earth

Heat pumps use environmental heat directly for heating - a resource that is freely available in the air, groundwater and the ground at any time. In addition to environmental heat, electricity is required. If this is green electricity from a photovoltaic system, then the heat generation works without the use of fossil fuels, emission-free and almost climate-neutral.

At Vaillant, we use a very environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants in our heat pumps. In our aroTHERM plus we are using the natural refrigerant R290 for the first time. The special thing about R290 is the immensely low global warming potential. The refrigerant also allows the aroTHERM plus to be operated with higher flow temperatures. This means that the heat pump can also be used for existing properties.

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On the way to green gas: the use of hydrogen

Many heating systems in Europe are not efficient enough. For example, in Germany 60% are and therefore offer huge potential for saving CO₂. There is still a long way to go before we can only fall back on CO₂-free systems for heat generation. Switching from a condensing to non-condensing boiler results in approx. 30% energy savings. And modernizing old gas systems with more efficient condensing technology also helps the climate - because every replacement counts!

The gas infrastructure will also be important for climate protection in the medium and long term. It becomes particularly interesting when hydrogen is added as a so-called green gas. We were able to successfully test admixtures of up to 30 percent in our laboratories - this proportion will increase even further in the future. In this way we can offer our customers the comfort they are used to, but much more sustainably.

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Smart Home

Connected systems: energy-saving and smart living

In addition to the use of energy-saving technologies, our households have further energy-saving potential that everyone can exploit: optimized consumption through intelligently networked and coordinated systems. Because the heating system is often not optimized to the needs of the user. Thanks to the simple and intuitive control, e.g. via an app, the user can make settings at any time and from any location and thus heat more efficiently. What sounds like a dream of the future is already possible today.

There are also many advantages for the skilled craftsman: They can remotely access the networked system without contact and no longer have to be on site at the customer's to analyze the device data. We support the specialist trade with a wide range of services and products for predictive remote analysis and maintenance. In the future, we will enable even better service with increasingly intelligent systems.

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The most modern development center in the industry

Bundling of all central development activities in the new Johann Vaillant Technology Center in Remscheid. Accelerated innovation cycles through short distances, interdisciplinary teams and effective communication. Test center with over 230 test stands - 40 of them for heat pumps alone.

Sustainability firmly anchored

So that we do not lose sight of our focus on sustainability in the product development process, the 6 Green Rules drawn up by Vaillant are an integral part of our research and development process. They bundle internal and external product requirements, including energy efficiency and longevity, and are systematically summarized in a 6 Green Rules report. In this way, they act as a guide for sustainability in our product development and guarantee it from the very first step.

Are you interested in further information about the 6 Green Rules? Then you will find them here.

The 6 green rules

1. Energy efficiency

We stand for sustainable and energy-efficient products, for innovation, resource protection and low-emission technologies.

2. Durability

We guarantee durable and robust products using high quality materials. Care and precision are our self-image in order to achieve the high quality standards.

3. Responsibilty

A responsible selection of materials and suppliers as well as environmentally friendly production and logistics are our main goals.

4. Service

We stand for excellent service quality in the usage phase of our products. We guarantee a high availability of spare parts and very good repair options.

5. Handling

We stand for intelligent and understandable products that are easy to install and use.

6. End of life

We are committed to the conservation of natural resources and environmentally friendly product disposal. The goal is a high level of recyclability and closed material cycles.