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Here you will find references of our heating solutions for different house types and needs.

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Modernisation: detached single-family house

Wuppertal, Germany

  • From an oil-fired system to an air-source heat pump solution
  • Outdoor installed: space saving
  • Especially environmentally friendly

Modernisation: detached single-family house

Witoszów, Poland

  • Old solid fuel boiler replaced with an air-source heat pump solution
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Total simplicity

Modernisation: detached single-family house

Hørsholm, Denmark

  • From oil heating to an air-source heat pump solution
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost saving

Modernisation: semi-detached single-family house

Enschede, Netherlands

  • The switch from gas to an air-source heat pump solution
  • Seventies house with an environmentally friendly heating solution
  • Cost saving

New build: detached single-family house

Lieboch, Austria

  • Building a new home with state-of-the-art technology: a ground-source heat pump solution with boreholes
  • Future-oriented heating system with maximum efficiency
  • Modern and intelligently networked house

New build: multi-family house

Vienna, Austria

  • Ground-source heat pump for resource-conserving energy supply
  • High level of comfort
  • Low energy design

New build: detached single-family house

Heiden, Germany

  • Air-source heat pump solution for a sustainable economical new home
  • Completely indoor installed
  • Sustainable living

New build: single-family house

Vienna, Austria

  • Air-source heat pump solution
  • Low energy design
  • Special building technology requirements

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