All in one: heat pump solution for detached houses that meet the KfW 40 Plus efficiency standard

Heiden in Münsterland, Germany

The perfect solution for our home

“A sustainable and efficient heating system that can also provide cooling when necessary: after experiencing a really hot summer, we certainly don’t want to ever have to do without it.”

General house and system information

The facts

The energy concept


The facts

The facts

  • Single-family house of prefabricated timber construction with extended gabled roof
  • 162 m² of living and usable floor space
  • Primary energy demand: 24.6 kWh/m²a
  • Final energy demand: 28.0 kWh/m²a

The energy concept

The energy concept

  • recoCOMPACT exclusive air-source heat pump (5.7 kW) for heating and active cooling
  • Integrated indoor ventilation with up to 95% heat recovery
  • Integrated hot water cylinder for a direct 225 l hot water supply
  • Heat distribution and cooling via underfloor heating
  • Photovoltaic system comprising 12 photovoltaic modules with output of 3.6 kWp
  • 3.6 kW battery storage



This air-source heat pump system is installed in the west of Germany, in Heiden.

Living sustainably and affordably – the two can be reconciled

For a good while, it has been possible to tailor prefabricated houses to the owners’ specific desires. Tanja and Philip Brun’s story is a good example of this. The couple realised their dream of having their own sustainable and affordable home with a prefabricated timber frame: 162 m² of comfortable living space that meets the KfW 40 Plus efficiency standard.

The challenge

The heating system needed to be sustainable and economical to run. A high seasonal energy performance ratio (SEPR) was equally important. Since all of the building technology was to be installed in the outbuilding, being economical with space was a top priority.

The solution

The Bruns opted for an all-in-one system solution from Vaillant. A recoCOMPACT exclusive air-source heat pump, entirely installed indoors, provides the house with environmentally friendly domestic heating, hot water and fresh air. A 225 l hot water cylinder has an integrated ventilation unit. Tanja and Philip Brun have grown to appreciate its cooling function.

A large proportion of the operating current is supplied by the photovoltaic systems and battery storage. This keeps the operating costs low.

The air-source heat pump recoCOMPACT exclusive can be installed in just one day. At just 1.5 m², the space needed for the all-in-one system is relatively small: the Brun family can also use the 5 m² installation room to store gardening equipment.

The compactness of the site meant that noise emission was a very delicate topic: in night mode, the outside noise level 3 metres from the weather protection grid was below 35 db(A) – this is comparable with the ticking of a clock. There have never been any complaints from the neighbour even though the outbuilding is adjacent to their patio.

The air-source heat pump recoCOMPACT exclusive bears the Green iQ label, symbolising an especially energy-efficient, connected and sustainable product. The system can be intelligently managed using a free app. This means the environmentally minded family can feel good about enjoying maximum comfort.

Why choosing Vaillant is a good decision

Heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water all in one: a perfectly coordinated and energy-efficient system solution that creates comfort in the family home.

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