Heat pumps from Vaillant

  • highly efficient
  • super silent
  • highlevel of comfort

Discover our modern heat pump range

The energy from air, ground water and soil is freely available at any time and everywhere around us. Heat pumps turn these renewable energies into homely warmth. No matter which heat source you choose - you are guaranteed to find the heat pump that suits your needs.

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Air-to-water heat pump system aroTHERM plus

Environmentally friendly and future-proof

  • Future-proof thanks to the most cutting-edge heat pump technology with natural refrigerant, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Natural refrigerant for the respect of the environment
  • Hot water up to 70 ° C


Heat pump split concept for 3 possible energy sources

  • Modern and appealing design for any installation site
  • Plug & play module for passive cooling, integrated in the structure of the heat pump
  • sencoCOMFORT VRC720 control module allowing you to easily control hybrid systems

The aroTHERM pure air-to–water heat pump

Fits limited spaces and budgets

  • Cost-effective and optimised for new builds
  • Efficiency at all levels: heating, cooling and hot water generation
  • Space-saving set-up of the outdoor and indoor units

1 - 3 of 3 Results