Electric heating systems

Electricity can be used to heat water and rooms.

With electricity you can operate two different groups of heating devices. Electric water heaters for example for the kitchen or bathroom, and electric heating systems such as radiators to heat rooms.

Electric water heaters

Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water immediately, so they are very well suited for buildings and places without a central hot water supply. A sink where hot water is required only once a day is an ideal place for the use of an instantaneous water heater.

An instantaneous water heater is completely maintenance free thanks to the bare wire principle. Using this principle the heating coils vibrate slightly during water flow so that deposited limescale breaks off.

The cost of operating such a device is dependent on the price of electricity. It may be worthwhile to look at other solutions with lower operating costs. Talk to your local Vaillant expert to make the right decision for your needs.

Electric heating

Heating with electricity can be quite useful as a supplement to other heating options or in certain spaces where central heating is not possible or advisable. It is useful for a holiday home or a small office in a warehouse. Electric heaters include direct heating devices and electric storage heaters.

Direct heating devices

Direct heaters provide immediate warmth to the room being heated. They are suitable for rooms that need to be rarely but rapidly heated (e.g. basements or garages). They are very cheap to buy and usually require minimal installation work. In contrast to gas appliances they must not be regularly checked by an expert. These maintenance-friendly devices are particularly well suited to providing sufficient heat during cold spells. Direct heaters include radiators, convectors, electric radiant heaters and fan heaters.

Night storage heaters, heater fans and dehumidifiers

Electric storage heaters such as night storage heaters use electricity to generate heat, which, however is not for immediate use. Electric heaters and night storage heaters have a comparatively low efficiency: they require more energy than other energy sources. In addition, a high voltage connection is required for some devices. Talk to your local Vaillant expert to find the best solution for your needs.