Individual and conscious heating. That’s smart!

  • Increase your individual heating comfort
  • Reduce both energy consumption and costs
  • Just relax and rely on fast service and less downtime
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility in your daily life

Let’s take your heating comfort to the next level!

Once you have called your installer, your smart heating system is almost set up – there is no need to buy a whole new heating! Increase your individual comfort and keep an eye on your energy consumption and heating costs on the side – thanks to 24/7 transparency of data. It’s provided directly and secure from the appliance. And, even in the event of a technical problem, there is no need to worry: your installer could check already remote what is going on or receives a notification before you even noticed a thing! So, you can be sure that your heating always runs smoothly.

All smart benefits at a glance

Full control without effort

Good for you, good for the environment: with our smart solutions, you can control your energy consumption and heating costs comfortably via smartphone or tablet. Benefit from maximum flexibility and 24/7 transparency of data!

Time and cost saving service

Get your smart solution and relax! Our digital tools allow your installer to check your heating system remotely and solve most technical problems within 24 hours – thanks to detailed diagnoses directly from the appliance. Say goodbye to unnecessary and multiple service visits and costs!

Flexible combination

Your heating system is anything but smart? No way! Even if you have an older heating (from 2007 on), your installer only needs to add a few components to make it smart. There is no need to buy a whole new system – you can enjoy all smart functions in no time! Another benefit: your heating can effortlessly be combined with existing smart home devices.

Future-proof upgrades

If you are thinking about upgrading your heating system e.g. with renewable energies, just ask your local installer! Whether photovoltaics, solar thermal or system extensions like heat pumps or ventilation – with our sensoCOMFORT control unit you can flexibly manage even advanced heating systems.

You want your heating system to be smart? Said and done!

The installation of your new, smart heating system is no big deal: thanks to our smart solutions’ backwards compatibility they are even suitable for upgrading older systems back to 2007. You don’t have to buy a whole new heating!

Your installer gets all necessary components and tools in one package, including a control unit with internet gateway appliance. Thanks to plug-and-play your smart heating system is installed fast – and, once it is set up individually for you, you can control it by yourself via app.

What’s your smart solution?

Whether you have a simple or an advanced heating system – we provide you with the suitable smart products and services.

Simple system solution

Your demand

Smart control

Your demand

Apartments or houses with a simple heating system

In your daily life you are used to flexibly control almost everything with your smartphone. So why not your heating? Let’s make it smart!

• Our eRELAX smart control is the perfect solution for apartments or houses with a single heating circuit

• Comfortably control your simple heating system with a gas condensing boiler

• Full transparency of energy consumption and heating costs

• Compatible with new heating systems as well as with older ones

Learn more about eRELAX

Smart control

A powerful tool: eRELAX

Our smart weather-compensated wireless control eRELAX offers a modern control solution for your simple heating system.

• Control your energy consumption and heating costs conveniently via app

• Intelligent time-controlled heating operation enables noticeable savings

• Flexibly operate your heating from anywhere with your smartphone

• Compatible with Amazon Echo

Learn more about eRELAX

Advanced system solution

Your demand

Smart control

Smart decision

Your demand

Replacement with a complex heating system

For example: if your new, advanced heating system includes both a boiler and a heat pump, we have a smart control solution for you.

• Make our sensoCOMFORT system control part of your replacement or modernisation project in your family house or apartment

• Modern control unit for advanced heating systems

• Possible system upgrades guarantee maximum flexibility in the future

Learn more about sensoCOMFORT

Smart control

Keep control of everything

With our all-round weather compensating system control sensoCOMFORT, you comfortably control your advanced heating system.

• Enjoy convenient operation of your whole heating system via sensoAPP

• Stay flexible and upgrade your system e.g. with renewable energies later

• Necessary internet gateway sensoNET included

Learn more about sensoCOMFORT

Smart decision

Ready for the future

Benefit from maximum flexibility and upgrade your sensoCOMFORT system control whenever you like.

• Ask your installer e.g. to integrate renewable energies like photovoltaics or solar thermal

• Our sensoCOMFORT is suitable for multiple future system upgrades

• You can keep the same control unit for any upgrade

Learn more about sensoCOMFORT

Data security and cost savings guaranteed

Our priority: data security

Naturally you want to be sure that your smart heating system is safe and that your personal data is treated confidentially. This is why we apply the highest information security standards.

All customer data, operating data and passwords are protected against theft, and our smart applications, systems and gateways are protected against unauthorized access – certified according to the IEC 62443* standard. Mobile apps and websites on external devices that are not controlled by Vaillant are protected against unauthorised access. Of course, we help you to configure your smart access securely as well.

Savings rather than costs

If you decide to upgrade your heating system with one of our smart products – don’t worry about costs! You better look forward to the savings your smart heating will generate in the long term: it both reduces energy consumption and heating costs. Thanks to remote control you can save even more energy than with a conventional programmable thermostat: comfortably adjust your heating programme from anywhere at any time!

The acquisition costs vary according to your individual needs, but our fast plug-and-play installation saves noticeable service costs for you. Because our smart solutions are also suitable for older heating systems from 2007 on, you don’t even need to buy a new heating. Sounds good? It is!