Wireless modulating radio thermostat

  • modulating radio thermostat to control your boiler via WI-FI and smart phone
  • possibility of connecting multiple eRELAX controllers to a single application
  • Programming of heating and hot water production
  • modern design, attractive and intuitive operation, innovative and efficient display
  • statistics of consumption and behaviour, Internet interaction with outdoor temperature


Control your heating and hot water on your smartphone

eRELAX is the first Wi-Fi thermostat on the market specifically designed to work with boilers, more specifically with Vaillant boilers with eBUS technology.

The new eRELAX offers the possibility of bi-directional communication with the boiler, allowing the full potential of a modern condensing boiler, such as heating modulation, output temperature control, etc. to be exploited.

It offers the possibility of being connected to a Wi-Fi network, allowing to be controlled anywhere through a smartphone or tablet through the available APP.

The APP developed for eRELAX allows access to more than one user to the same installation and the ability for each user to be able to manage multiple eRELAX controllers installed in different locations.

At anytime and anywhere we can define not only the heating time but also the production of AQS (in the case of mixed boilers). Also having the possibility to visualize in real time the behavior of the equipment and the respective graphs of consumption.