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Air conditioning climaVAIR multi

The multi split system for heating and cooling multiple rooms.

  • Connect up to 5 different indoor units with just one outdoor unit (FreeMatch multi-split system)
  • Cool or heat each room independently of each other
  • Discreet and flexible installation in different rooms and architectures

Air conditioning climaVAIR pro

The efficient way to cool and heat single rooms.

  • Benefit from an even air-flow distribution
  • Heat and cool with maximum efficiency at low energy costs
  • Reach and clean the filter easily

Air-to-water heat pump system aroTHERM plus

Environmentally friendly and future-proof

  • Future-proof thanks to the most cutting-edge heat pump technology with natural refrigerant, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Natural refrigerant for the respect of the environment
  • Hot water up to 70 ° C

The aroTHERM pure air-to–water heat pump

Fits limited spaces and budgets

  • Cost-effective and optimised for new builds
  • Efficiency at all levels: heating, cooling and hot water generation
  • Space-saving set-up of the outdoor and indoor units

1 - 4 of 4 Results