Air conditioning climaVAIR multi

The multi split system for heating and cooling multiple rooms.

  • Connect up to 5 different indoor units with just one outdoor unit (FreeMatch multi-split system)
  • Cool or heat each room independently of each other
  • Discreet and flexible installation in different rooms and architectures
  • Climate-friendly and energy-efficient system over the entire life cycle
  • Rely on a 5-year guarantee on the entire device


The climaVAIR multi air conditioning system is the stand-alone solution for the whole house. Thanks to the FreeMatch multi split system, you have the option of cooling or heating 5 different rooms with different indoor units using just one outdoor unit. This makes the installation particularly flexible and space-saving. As with a heat pump, the energy is obtained from the ambient air in a highly efficient and climate-friendly way.

The perfect 1-fits-5-solution.

The climaVAIR multi offers the option of connecting up to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit. Compared to the previous series with an output of up to 8 kW, the new outdoor units offer a larger output range of 4 kW to 12 kW to cover a variety of applications.

FreeMatch multi split system.

The outdoor unit is compatible with three different series of wall-mounted indoor units (climaVAIR intro, climaVAIR pro and climaVAIR plus) as well as with cassette units, consoles or duct models. It is even possible to combine different indoor unit types - depending on the individual budget and room requirements. This gives you maximum flexibility when choosing the right indoor units.

Efficiency with a plus.

climaVAIR multi achieves high efficiency standards by complying with class A++ in cooling mode and class A+ in heating mode.

Saving energy with absence and sleep mode.

With three different sleep modes, climaVAIR multi also ensures the perfect temperature at night. Once set, you prevent the room from overheating or cooling down too much, thus saving energy.

The Absence mode sets the temperature automatically to 27°C in cooling mode and to 8°C in heating mode. So the room is never too hot or too cold. Simply convenient and energy-saving.

Fast cooling and heating.

Don't wait any longer: use the turbo function to reach your cosy temperature quickly. Once activated, the appliance starts at maximum fan speed to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible. The ideal function for rooms that are not often occupied.

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