Air conditioning climaVAIR pro

The efficient way to cool and heat single rooms.

  • Benefit from an even air-flow distribution
  • Heat and cool with maximum efficiency at low energy costs
  • Reach and clean the filter easily
  • Enjoy comfort everywhere through “I feel function”
  • Connect via WiFi for a quick set up


With the climaVAIR pro air conditioner, you enjoy the comfort of your feel-good temperature all year round. The efficient way to heat or cool quickly makes it the perfect solution for single rooms or small holiday houses with occasional use.

Perfect airflow control.

Thanks to the unique 3D airflow, our climaVAIR pro provides even more pleasant cooling or heating than other air conditioners. Swing motors on the lower left and right side of the device distribute the air evenly horizontally and vertically. The direction of the air flow can also be individually adjusted.

High efficiency at low noise level.

Despite the highly efficient operation, the internal sound pressure of the climaVAIR pro, down to 22 dB(A), ensures a quiet environment in your home. This is particularly comfortable in sleep mode and also reduces energy consumption to an even lower level.

Right temperature at the right place with "I feel function"

It has never been smarter to have the ideal feel-good temperature. By activating the "I feel" function, the thermostat in the remote control measures the ambient temperature exactly where you are sitting with the remote control.

Top marks for cooling and heating.

Energy saving is made simple with climaVAIR pro. Efficiency class A++ in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode ensure optimum performance over the entire life cycle.

Consistently clean air.

Removing and washing the dust filter without having to dismantle the entire appliance? With the climaVAIR pro, it's easy to do it yourself: simply push the handles on both sides of the filter, pull them upwards and remove the filter.

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Air conditioning climaVAIR multi

  • Connect up to 5 different indoor units with just one outdoor unit (FreeMatch multi-split system)
  • Cool or heat each room independently of each other
  • Discreet and flexible installation in different rooms and architectures
  • Climate-friendly and energy-efficient system over the entire life cycle
  • Rely on a 5-year guarantee on the entire device