The aroTHERM pure air-to–water heat pump

Fits limited spaces and budgets

  • Cost-effective and optimised for new builds
  • Efficiency at all levels: heating, cooling and hot water generation
  • Space-saving set-up of the outdoor and indoor units
  • Elegant hydraulic tower – suitable for living areas
  • High hot water convenience included



Our aroTHERM pure air-to-water heat pump is ideal for your new build project. Whether in a house or apartment building, the aroTHERM pure is the perfect choice when you want a space-saving yet cost-effective heat pump solution.

Feel-good climate all year round

With its adapted heat output and optimised cooling, the aroTHERM pure is a heat pump with double the potential: comfortable heat in winter and pleasant cooling in summer – even at temperatures up to +48°C. And thanks to an excellent rating of A++ / A+++, it always runs economically and meets strict energy efficiency requirements. What’s more, the system can also be combined with a photovoltaic installation.

Small but big on options

The compact outdoor unit has a footprint of around half a square metre, making it our smallest air-to-water heat pump and offering excellent flexibility for placement. It can also be set up at a distance from the indoor unit.

Perfectly and elegantly integrated

The indoor unit – the uniTOWER pure hydraulic tower – is about the size of a refrigerator. It has all of the necessary system components built in, for example the hot water cylinder and the back-up heater. Visually, the hydraulic tower makes an elegant impression and blends in beautifully in any living space. The connections positioned at the top make it especially practical to mount the tower directly to the wall – or even install it in a recess, such as in an integrated kitchen unit.

Hot water right when you need it

The 190-litre cylinder in our hydraulic tower provides a reliable supply of hot water to a four-person household. The special feature here: thanks to the new overall concept, the cylinder can heat water approx. 25% faster than comparable systems – an advantage when people are jumping in the shower one after the other.

Have a greater hot water demand – more than four people live in your house? The aroTHERM pure can be combined with our uniSTOR hot water cylinders, which are specially designed for heat pumps. This combination can supply up to 500 litres of hot water for around eight people.

Easy control like never before

It doesn’t get more convenient than this! You can control your entire system via smartphone with the myVAILLANT app. You just need the sensoCOMFORT system control and the myVAILLANT connect gateway. All convenient functions can be quickly set on the app – from anywhere. You can optimise the system to your preferences and adapt the settings individually as and when you desire – for example, if you are coming home later. Using the app saves money and is more convenient.