Heat pump split concept for 3 possible energy sources

  • Modern and appealing design for any installation site
  • Plug & play module for passive cooling, integrated in the structure of the heat pump
  • sencoCOMFORT VRC720 control module allowing you to easily control hybrid systems
  • Maximum efficiency: A +++ energy label and maximum ELD efficiency level
  • Available in 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19 kW, possibility to connect up to three sources of energy - earth, water or air


flexoTHERM - a technological leap

With the flexoTHERM range, Vaillant provides the latest technological evolution of heat pumps. EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology achieves particularly high seasonal yield levels, far above those achieved with any other compressor technology, applied to water-to-water or geothermal heat pumps. This model of refrigeration circuit management allows working at high production temperatures, obtaining higher power levels and high efficiency.

Thus, as shown by the ELD label, the flexoTHERM range is the best alternative for savings and highly efficient operation.

This range allows you to plan heating and cooling air conditioning systems. The production of hot water is managed internally both through the range of storages geoSTOR and uniSTOR in the flexoTHERM range, as well as through the storage integrated in the flexoCOMPACT

Through the range of accessories, you may configure an air-water system (aroCOLLECT), a water-water system (fluoCOLLECT) or passive cooling (VWZ NC). With all these options, the flexoTHERM range offers maximum efficiency and reliability.

Best possible energy rating

Flexible system: the combination of accessories for different purposes with plug & play connection. Reversible machine with domestic hot water production through external storage.

The plug & play module that can be integrated for passive cooling is integrated in the heat pump structure. Perfect for hybrid systems (with energy cost) or other generators (up to 65 ° C), using a common controller, the new multiMATIC VRC 700.

Extremely quiet devices with piHARMONIC sound level management, by controlling the frequency to avoid discomfort to the human ear.

All in a modern design for integration everywhere in a house.

Control system

The flexoTHERM is supplied with the leading-edge Vaillant controller, the multiMATIC 700. The combination of multiMATIC 700 and flexoTHERM enables the highest efficiency, leading to system labels up to A++. It will be even easier to build and manage hybrid systems with different Vaillant equipment, forming a single integrated system controlled by a single controller for your entire comfort.



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A+++ to D) capacities 5,8,11 and 19kW
flow temperature 55°C
flow temperature 35°C

ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A+++ to D) capacity 15kW
flow temperature 55°C
flow temperature 35°C