The highest efficiency and more space in the house

Wuppertal, Germany

Economical and environmentally friendly

"Our beautiful old house in the countryside is now also extremely environmentally friendly thanks to the new holistic energy concept. As our new heat pump was installed outside, we have gained additional indoor space and no longer have to extend the property."

General house and system information

The facts

The energy concept


The facts

The facts

  • Existing building from 1968
  • Two-storey flat-roofed property
  • 130 m² living space
  • Existing radiators for heat output
  • A programme of thermal improvements, including wall and loft insulation had already been carried out
  • Space requirement in the house

The energy concept

The energy concept

  • aroTHERM plus air-source heat pump with 12 kW output, developed for climate-conscious modernisation and particularly quiet operation
  • uniTOWER plus indoor unit with 190 l integrated hot water cylinder
  • Additional 100 l buffer cylinder
  • Photovoltaic installation with 7.7 kWp output
  • Intelligent room control heating via multiMATIC VRC 700 system controller



This air-source heat pump system is installed in the west of Germany, in Wuppertal.

The starting point

When Wolfgang and Yana Noll took over the flat-roofed property in 2005, their new home was heated according to the old standards, fitted with an oil-fueled boiler and poor insulation. Even back then, energy efficiency of the property was of great importance to the couple. They installed photovoltaic solar panels and new insulation to the property. The Noll family had quickly reached the limits of optimising their building’s energy system, in 2005. The last component to make the Noll family home completely environmentally friendly and at its most efficient was to upgrade the heating and hot water system. The Noll family was looking for a contemporary, eco-friendly solution and also needed extra space for a music room.

Heating concept for the future

The property had existing radiators large enough for heat transfer and the photovoltaic installation already in place. These were taken into account and integrated into a holistic, eco-friendly heating concept for the two-story home in Wuppertal. The new air-source heat pump guarantees a high heating comfort and a hot water supply for the two-person household. The new solution is space-saving and especially efficient from an environmental point of view.

The solution

A holistic heating concept was developed for environmentally friendly domestic heat and hot water generation in the two-story property. The old oil-fired system was replaced by an air-source heat pump with a compact indoor unit, only requiring 0.5 m² of space. By removing the old oil tank the Noll family gained 14 m² of space to be made useable in the basement for their new music room. The super quiet aroTHERM plus outdoor unit is installed outside next to the property and 75% of the energy is generated using the ambient air to provide heat and hot water for the Noll family.

This air-source heat pump with an output of 12 kW is especially designed for a high heat load and can reach high flow temperatures. The large radiators that were already in the home were able to be used with excellent results. In combination with the photovoltaic installation, which can supply regenerative energy to support the system, the Noll’s heating system will always operate even if the weather is extremely cold for a longer period of time.

The corresponding multiMATIC VRC 700 digital system controller can be used to control both the heat pump and the photovoltaic installation’s power input.

Why choosing Vaillant is a good decision

The Noll family took their need for optimisation to a skilled technician from Wuppertal, who is very familiar with modern heating systems and recommends the innovative solutions from Vaillant with a clear conscience. He has chosen an environmentally friendly, impressive energy concept that meets the requirements of the climate package of 1 January 2020 and fits in perfectly with the demands of Wolfgang and Yana Noll.

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