1899 – our hare conquers the world

This year, our Vaillant hare is celebrating its 125nd birthday. Congratulations! And there is more to celebrate, our family-owned company is now 150 years old.

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Since150 years, we have only been thinking about one thing: tomorrow.

Vaillant is Europe‘s best-known heating brand and popular far beyond Europe. With a team of over 17.000 employees worldwide we distribute our products and services to more than 60 countries, with more than 20 own sales company. The development of new heating technologies is carried out at eight sites, while production takes place at ten locations. Vaillant still remains a 100 % family-owned company.

The innovative heart of the company beats in the Johann Vaillant Technology Center at the headquarters of the Vaillant Group in Remscheid. Here, around 800 employees work on innovative heating technologies that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

At Vaillant, everything revolves around the topics of heating, renewables and hot water – just as it has for the past 150 years. Based on this experience, we develop visions for the future into sustainable and responsible system solutions. These are solutions that make our lives easier and provide greater convenience in the present – through products that are becoming increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly. This is how we are shaping the future of heating technology.