Air duct system for recoVAIR domestic ventilation system

Flexible air duct accessories for all installation scenarios.

  • Ventilation units and a complete air duct system from a single source as central or decentral distributor solution
  • Optimum adaptability due to flexible applications for the familiar multi-distributors and due to new compact distributors
  • Easy to install thanks to an intuitive connection concept
  • healthy indoor air and with this also relief for allergic persons thanks to the use of efficient dust and pollen filters
  • energy and cost savings by heat recovery


The air duct system for the central domestic ventilation system recoVAIR is flexible and can potentially be custom-installed in any kind of building- no matter if new or existing building and what type of operation area, if apartment or SFH. We provide you with all the equipment you need, from air distributors and ducts to inlets and outlets for incoming air and outgoing air.

Thanks to new air duct accessories, the systems can even be installed in areas where space is limited. In new build, you can integrate the air ducts elegantly into the floor construction or ceiling – and you can use the new, space-saving compact distributors as straight-through distributors for floor-by-floor air distribution. This reduces duct lengths and pressure loss. The new, flexible sound absorbers, available in three connector sizes, offer even more possibilities for quick installation, even where space is limited in the building’s utility room or other place where the connections are. In existing buildings the air distribution system can also be housed discreetly, e.g. in a suspended ceiling.

Your customers will be pleased about the small amount of materials used, the quick assembly times, the optimal integration of the system and the fact that it does not take up much space in the room where it is installed.



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for ventilation (A+ to G)A