Solar module for drainback systems

  • Fast and easy planning of a solar installation. Long service life only with drainback technology
  • Integrated stagnation and freezing protection system
  • High Efficiency Circulating Pumps and eBUS Connection
  • Available in two versions, for collector fields up to 15 m2 and up to 30 m2, and with cascade installation up to 120 m2
  • Ideal solution for areas with large solar radiation with non-constant hot water needs (eg hotel, gym, etc.)


Drainback technology for large thermal solar installations

AuroFLOW plus is the latest solar drainback station for new installations and also for existing solar heating solutions up to 120 m2 of collector area. It can simply and easily be combined with several allSTOR exclusive accumulators and auroTHERM VFK 135 VD solar thermal collectors.

With a drainback system the fluid is protected against stagnation and freezing as it is automatically drained, by gravity, to the solar station and as soon as the need for heat ends. The regulation of the solar system is done quickly and easily, and all information on its operation can be viewed on its digital back-lit display.

Long service life only with drainback technology

The innovative drainback system ensures that there is no fluid in the manifolds whenever there is no need to heat the solar accumulator. This is because it returns to the collection tank as soon as the circulating pump stops working.

On the other hand, the pump circulates automatically whenever the sun shines and there is a need to heat the water of the solar accumulator. Thus, the fluid returns to circulate through the collectors transferring the incoming heat to the drinking water. When the water in the accumulator reaches the desired temperature, the pump stops automatically and the solar fluid returns by gravity to the drainback tank without loss of water due to condensation.

It is this simple way that this technology prevents overheating of the system, stagnation and air bubbles in the collectors, prolonging with the same efficiency the useful life of your solar thermal system and avoiding expensive repairs.

Solar Collectors auroTHERM VFK 135 VD

We developed the auroTHERM VFK 135 VD collector, with black anodized aluminum structure, especially for its integration with solar drainback installations.

The auroTHERM VFK 135 VD achieves a high optical efficiency of 81.4%, due to the highly selective copper-aluminum absorber coating. It has a 3.2 mm thick homogeneous surface of dark laminated glass. Both flat and sloped roof installation and even integration into the roof, always vertically, is possible with this solar collector.

Great savings on high-efficiency circulating pumps

It is not only in energy consumption that the running costs of a central heating system are reflected. The electricity bill also counts toward your total bill. Among the various components of the system, it is the circulating pump that consumes most of the energy, and so we developed a high energy efficiency pump (Classification A) that continuously adjusts to the actual needs of the heating system, thereby reducing energy consumption Up to 70%.

Thus, with lower operating costs, greater savings are achieved and the environmental impact is reduced.