Compact combination of condensing boiler and hot water storage

  • Space-saving thanks to compact combination of condensing boiler with integrated hot water storage as floor-standing unit
  • Comfortable hot water production by integrated stratification or heating coil storage in different sizes
  • Gas and power savings by self-optimizing operation and high-efficiency pumps
  • Intuitive use of control panel
  • Attractive design, ideal for positioning also in living area


Compact with high performance

The COMPACT series of condensing boilers offers the best of Vaillant technology!

COMPACT series equipment is characterised by its compact design and the integration of all components, making the units extremely easy to install thanks to their excellent compact dimensions.

EcoCOMPACT is therefore the ideal solution in case of reduced installation space.

Hot water at the right temperature with maximum efficiency

EcoCOMPACT offers optimum performance for domestic hot water production with a 150 l capacity storage that ensures a rapid and continuous availability of hot water with an instantaneous production of 35 l / min. Due to the AquaPOWER Plus system domestic hot water is at once available

The performance of the integrated 150 liter storage is only possible due to the excellent insulation that guarantees minimum heat losses and shorter heating cycles that further reduce gas consumption.

"Split-mounting" concept

The COMPACT series also offers the possibility of split installation (or transport), which means that it can be separated into two modules, making it ideal for installation in small rooms (attics).

Integrated components

• Storage of 150 liters with stratification or heating coil

• High efficiency pumps for heating and filling of the storage

• Stainless steel heat exchanger

• Display

• ProE connections

• Flexible connections

• Integrated expansion vessel for 4 l of domestic hot water and 12 l heating



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G)A
ErP efficiency rating for hot water (A to G)A