ecoTEC high outputs - gas heating for every size

Gas condensing technology from 14,9 up to 720kW

  • Power outputs 80, 100 and 120kW
  • Modulation range 20 to 100%
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 960x 480x 602 mm, Weight: 68/86/90 kg
  • Combinable with Vaillant range of hot water storages and solar technology
  • Combinable with Vaillant range of control technology and air / emission evacuation accessory range


ecoTEC high outputs – ecoTEC for every case

ecoTEC bigger outputs – big power on little space

Thanks to the wide range of power of our ecoTEC you will always find a suitable solution. From the single unit up to variable solutions with cascades. The appliance will adopt to the requirement of warmth with the huge modulation ranges.

High quality, most efficient

Not only being of highest quality “made in Germany”, but also a great example for efficiency: consuming a little but supplying a lot. Biggest contribution to the energy saving coming from the high quality steel heat exchanger. By an optimal thermal transfer the gas consumption is reduced and the big diameter of the serpentines reduces the resistance so that the high efficiency pump needs less power to do its work and does thus consume less electricity.

Easy installation and handling – up to 720kW

It fits into any corner and is particularly simple to install. Horizontal techniques for installation make a fast mounting possible without visible connections. Cascades of up to 6 ecoTECs can flexibly be planned and install without bigger efforts. With the simple modular system of Vaillant the appliances can be installed in a row or back-to-back.



ecoTEC plus system
VU 806/5-5
ecoTEC plus system
VU 1006/5-5
ecoTEC plus system
VU 1206/5-5
Output (at 80 / 60 °C)14,9 to 74,7 kW18,7 to 93,3 kW22,4 to 112 kW
Heating temperature20 to 85 °C20 to 85 °C20 to 85 °C
Dimensions (height / width / depth)960 / 480 / 603 mm960 / 480 / 603 mm960 / 480 / 603 mm
Weigth (empty)68 kg86 kg90 kg