Electric instantaneous water heaters VED

Innovative technique for individual comfort

  • For decentral warm water supply, applicable to your demand
  • Innovative technique for individual comfort: electronicVED exclusive, electronicVED plus and electronicVED
  • Flat design
  • Output models from 18 to 27kW (depending on the model)
  • Adaptable to solar systems (depending on the model)


Fully electronic for warm water “made to measure”: electronicVED exclusive

The new fully electronic Vaillant instant water heater electronic VED exclusive in its flat, elegant design fits into every kitchen or each bath room. Its innovative techinique cares for energy and water savings, while supplying warm water at the exactly desired temperature – up to the degree centrigrade.

Constantly the desired temperature without any effort: electronicVED plus

Warm water at the desired temperature is always supplied by the electronicVED plus – up to the exact degrees centigrade.

The micro processor in the electronicVED plus detects and regulates the needed heating power by means of the inlet temperature and the water flow. Thus it does never consume more than the really required energy while always assuring highest warm water comfort.

Proper performance for everyone: electronicVED

The new generation of electric instantaneous water heaters is again a striking proof of Vaillant´s leadership in innovation. Each appliance offers a vast variety of convenience features, all combined in a brand new design. Extremely comfortable in use and tailored to individual demands it combines economical hot water technology and durable quality “made in Germany”. At the same time the uniform and reliable product concept is the guarantor of an overall easy-to-operate, easy-to-install and easy-to-service appliance. Smoothed shaping and low appliance depth make the appliances easy to integrate in each and any home.



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for hot water (A+ to F)A