Electrical wall hung boiler eloBLOCK

When electricity turns into comfort

  • Warm your house independently of gas or oil
  • Rely on constant temperatures with room thermostats
  • Enjoy hot water comfort by adding an additional water storage
  • Conveniently control your heating with your smart phone
  • Be carefree - eloBLOCK is made of long lasting and reliable materials


Constant feel good temperature without compromise

Some situations ask for special solutions. No matter if your home does not have access to energy sources like gas or an additional heating solution is needed as a backup. Still, you don´t want to miss out on high comfort and reliability of your heating. All it needs is electricity to supply your radiators, floor heating and optionally hot water.

Just set the heating to your desired temperature. The integrated high efficiency pump (or electronically controlled 2-stage-pump depending on the version) ensures an energy saving circulation through the heating circuit, so that warmth is distributed fast and evenly in all rooms. Moreover, the system will sense slight temperature differences and compensate them automatically before you even notice it.

Hot water availability as you like

eloBLOCK allows you to combine it with a storage to enjoy hot water. Depending on the number of people, and your hot water usage, your installation expert will recommend the appropriate size.

Raise your level of comfort with a smart control

If you combine your eloBLOCK with connected control like vSMART, you can access your heating from your sofa, or 'on the go' with your smart phone. No need to wait for eloBLOCK to make it cozy. Instead you can enjoy comfort as you step into the house.

Rely on quality, don't worry about maintenance

The appliances fulfils today's standards and legal regulations. eloBLOCK is composed of long lasting materials that ensure a reliable operation. Since no fossil energy sources are burnt, maintenance will be completely effortless.

Perfect integration in existing heating systems as backup

In some cases it might be necessary to have a reliable backup. This could be an insufficient gas supply, particularly freezing winter nights, the need for a peak heater in a heat pump system. eloBLOCK is combinable with other Vaillant heat generators in a system and steps in just in case.



Heating output • 6kW - 9kW - 12kW - 14 kW - 18kW (recommended for well insulated houses of approx. 80m²-150m²)
• 21kW -24kW - 28kW (recommended for houses of approx. 150m²-180m²)
Electric voltage 3x230V / 400V+N+PE, 50 Hz
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G)D

Size (WxHxD)
Weight (without packaging) between 23,7 kg and 27,4 kg depending on the heating output
Frost protection Prevents heating from freezing. If temperature drops below 8°C, frost protection ensures that efficiency pump of eloBLOCK starts running.