H2 ready 20%

Gas condensing wall-hung boiler ecoTEC plus

A good decision that pays off

  • Get future-ready with our new intelligent combustion technology that adapts fluctuating gas qualities automatically
  • Extend your system with renewable energies – and heat more efficiently than ever
  • Connect your boiler conveniently via plug-and-play
  • Monitor your heating system conveniently thanks our appliances' new design and operating concept


Rather than a short-term heating solution, are you looking for a reliable system that works for years? With our ecoTEC plus gas condensing boiler you make a decision for the future. Proven quality guarantees long-lasting duration while innovative functions increase efficiency. Both factors contribute to a noticeable reduction in your costs.

Be prepared for fluctuating gas qualities

Thanks to the new gas adaptivity function IoniDetect, uncertainty about upcoming gas types is no longer an issue. The boiler recognises fluctuating gas qualities all by itself and always works most efficiently. This will also be the case in the future: for example, with sustainable green gas.

Upgrade your system with renewables

The new ecoTEC plus provides a sustainable heating solution. Especially in connection with our sensoCOMFORT system control, you can set up your heating system optimally – and thus save both energy and heating costs. Thanks to the control’s newly integrated installation assistant, you ensure that your boiler always runs at maximum efficiency while providing you with the utmost comfort. For more sustainability you have the opportunity to add various flexible extension options like renewable energies: solar thermal, photovoltaics or ventilation. Their common eBUS language facilitates uncomplicated installation.

Remote control for increased efficiency – by plug and play

There are only a few steps before your new heating system can be controlled from anywhere. Almost without any installation effort or expert knowledge, you can connect your new boiler with the sensoNET internet module and our sensoAPP to manage it even on the way home. This option is not only convenient; it is also sustainable, because your heating only runs when you really need it.

Heating monitoring at its best

You like being in control when it comes to energy consumption? Especially in combination with our sensoCOMFORT system control, you can comprehensively control your boiler. Thanks to their new, aligned user interface with touch-sensitive elements, the monitoring of boiler operation becomes more convenient than ever. Enjoy our contemporary design and optimised usability concept for intuitive and failure-proof operation.



UnitsVU 10CS/1-5VU 15CS/1-5VU 20CS/1-5VU 25CS/1-5VU 30CS/1-5VU 35CS/1-5VUW 26CS/1-5VUW 32CS/1-5VUW 36CS/1-5VUW 40CS/1-5VUI 26CS/1-5VUI 32CS/1-5
H2 ready 20%yesyesyesyes  yes     
Energy efficiency             
Erp efficiency rating for hot water (A to G)       AAAAAA
Erp efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G) AAAAAAAAAAAA
Heating data             
Heating output at 50 / 30°CkW2,8 - 10,92,8 - 16,42,7 - 21,02,8 - 26,43,9 - 33,34,3 - 37,72,7 - 21,03,9 - 27,03,9 - 33,34,3 - 37,72,8 - 21,03,9 - 27
Heating output at 80 / 60°CkW2,5 - 9,92,5 - 14,82,4 - 19,72,5 - 24,73,5 - 29,94,0 - 34,82,4 - 19,73,4 - 25,02,5 - 29,94,0 - 34,82,5 - 19,73,5 - 25,0
Heating temperature°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C30 - 80°C
Hot water data             
Maximum DHW outputkw20202427,534,439,72631,835,639,726,032,6
DHW temperature°C      35 - 65°C35 - 65°C35 - 65°C35 - 65°C35 - 65°C35 - 65°C
Specific flow rate fro DT=30KL/min      8,715,117,119,415,018,5