Room thermostat sensoROOM VRT 51f

The ideal connected regulator for 1 heating zone

  • The flexibility of connected heating
  • Modulation optimizes energy consumption
  • The comfort of a stable temperature, with regulation based on weather data
  • Consumption monitoring on the myVAILLANT application


The ideal connected regulator for 1 heating zone

Unparalleled comfort

• With room temperature modulation, sensoROOM

adjusts the temperature of the water circulating in the network of

heating, and optimizes energy consumption and

boiler longevity

• With weather data, the controller anticipates variations

meteorological conditions and adapts the heating curve in real time,

to enjoy a perfectly stable room temperature

Hassle-free installation

• The Plug & Play fixing system, allowing the connection

of the myVAILLANT connect Internet gateway directly under

the boiler, for quick and efficient installation

• Wireless radio technology to position sensoROOM

easily in any room of the house

• The self-adaptive heating curve refines the water law for you,

for optimal settings on your first visit

The recognition of a loyal customer

• Notification to the individual in the event of a malfunction,

with interpretation of the error and the possibility of contacting

a professional via the myVAILLANT application

• Enter your details in the smartphone application and offer

your customers the responsiveness of a premium repair service



ControllerInternet gateway
Transmission of informationRadioWire
Internet connection-Wi Fi
Power input2 batteries AAA plug and play or 230V
Product compatibilityEbus boilers since 2010
Number of heating zones1 heating zone + 1 DHW zone
Time programmingYes
Weather compensationYes
Modulation on room temperatureYes
Dimensions72 / 70 / 28 mm25 / 140 / 113 mm