Solar thermal collector auroTHERM exclusive VTK

Optimum use of solar energy

  • Vacuum tube collector with 6 or 12 tubes (1 or 2m²)
  • For application in system for solar domestic hot water generation but also for solar-supported heating systems
  • Low weight and compact dimensions
  • Fast and safe installation on tilt or flat roof roofs, alongside each other or one above the other
  • Easy-to-replace tubes


auroTHERM exclusive VTK

Tried and tested technology

Even the smallest ray of sunlight reaches the absorber via the mirrors behind the tubes. Therefore even when diagonal radiation occurs, the vacuum collector still achieves constantly high solar earnings and energy yields.

auroTHERM exclusive collectors are manufactured using toughened glass and have a glass vacuum seal for longevity. The tubes are internally coated with an aluminium nitride absorber for maximum solar efficiency.

Each collectors is delivered with 6 (VTK 570) or 12 (VTK 1140) tubes per collector. They can easily be fitted in series if required to maximum 7 VTK 1140 in one row. The appealing design of the Vaillant mounting brackets create a neat and attractive installation.