Solar thermal flat plate collector auroTHERM VFK

Elegant efficiency

  • Solar warm water generation, heating of swimming pools and / or support of central heating. Designed also for large commercial solar systems.
  • Compatible for on-roof installation, homogenous in-roof installation and for remote mounting on a flat roof or other area
  • VFK 145 and VFK 155 are available in horizontal and vertical installation versions, VFK 125 for vertical installation
  • For solar earnings even on cloudy days or days with low irradiation
  • Laser-welded aluminium-copper serpentine absorber ensures optimal heat transfer


Flat plate collectors auroTHERM VFK – elegant efficiency

Performance developped in Germany

In order to offer you high-class collectors which work efficiently in each and every system combination. Vaillant has developed the flat plate collector auroTHERM. Available in several different versions, the auroTHERM is produced at Vaillant´s modern facilities. The Vaillant solar domestic hot water system is a sealed, pressurized system with unique features in every component. It is consistent with our commitment to provide maximum efficiency, high performance and total reliability.

Vaillant auroTHERM collectors are embedded in an aluminum frame and thereby also meet customer wishes concerning design and integration into the roof aesthetics. Despite their low weight and their small depth, Vaillant auroTHERM collectors reach an absorption rate of 95% due to their highly-selective coated aluminum-copper-absorber.

The auroTHERM pro VFK 125 with its silver-colored aluminum frame is equipped with clear safety solar glass and designed for vertical installation for a basic solution for solar thermal applications.

Vertical as well as horizontal installations are possible with our VFK 145 V/H and 155 V/H. These are embedded in black anodized aluminum frames. With their homogeneous surface of 3,2mm solar safety structure glass, our auroTHERM flat plate collector VFK 145 V/H reaches a transmission value of 91%. Our auroTHERM plus flat plate collector VFK 155 V/H has a special anti-reflex solar glass which reaches a transmission value of 96%.